Elden Ring Boss Could Actually Be Cut SnakeSoul Boss From Dark Souls 3

There's no doubt that we'll be discovering new things in Elden Ring for years to come. And while it may not receive as many rereleases as Skyrim, it will probably have similar staying power. The Lands Between are densely filled with easter eggs and secrets of all kinds, and it seems that some of them may also be related to other FromSoftware games.

SoulsBorne fans may have heard of SnakeSoul. It was a boss which was initially created for Dark Souls 3, but got cut later on. SnakeSoul was originally intended to be the guardian of the Untended Graves, but eventually was unable to fulfill its duty. However, it seems that the once canceled boss has found their way into Elden Ring, in a slightly altered manner (thanks PC GamesN).

SoulsBorne leaker and dataminer, ZullieTheWitch found this interesting little tidbit while going through the Elden Ring source code. They found that according to FromSoftware’s AI description, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss, found on Mt. Gelmir, is essentially the missing SnakeSoul boss from Dark Souls 3. They've detailed their findings, and elaborated on the source code via a video on YouTube.

This also solves a long standing mystery when it comes to Dark Souls 3. Back in 2015, one of the earliest leaked images of the game showed the player looking at the sunset, along with a massive root-covered monster in the background. This monster, however, never appeared in the final game, but as pointed out by ZullieTheWitch, it looks an awful lot like the Ulcerated Tree Spirit from Elden Ring.

Another type of monster has been plaguing The Lands Between offlate, they're known as AFK Rune farmers. As the name suggests, these players farm runes by positioning themselves in an extremely hard to reach spot, and then use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy or the Taunter's Tongue to get other players to invade them. Since they're almost unreachable, all they need to do is wait till the invader gets bored and leaves or dies trying to reach them, and they get Runes as a reward for winning the battle. However, players have learned how to get the better of them, and have been putting up clips of them doing so.

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