EA Patents A New Battle Pass System

It looks like EA is aiming to change the traditional battle pass system, based on a new patent. The patent reveals a multi-layered track, as compared to the linear track we’re used to in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Battle passes have become a standing feature when it comes to live service games. Their aim is to give the player base something to work towards when there’s no major event running. The rewards mostly include cosmetics, XP bonuses, and in some cases, minor equipment as well. However, the traditional battle pass system usually includes only a few items that players are actually interested in, resulting in a grind to unlock them.

EA’s newly patented system, dubbed Seasonal Reward Distribution System, aims to give players a choice. According to the diagram on the patent (thanks GameRant), the proposed system appears to have multiple paths that players can choose from, rather than being restricted to a fixed set of rewards. Much like skill-trees found in traditional RPG’s EA’s proposed system will let you choose one path, based on the rewards you’d prefer to receive.

A use case for this would be to segregate the branching paths based on the kind of rewards it offers. For instance, one path could offer mostly new skins for players who care for cosmetics. Another one would be loaded up with minor resources for players who prefer not to mine them, and the third could be filled with XP boosts and other modifiers. Of course, this is just an example of what this type of system aims to achieve; it will ultimately depend on the game. But letting players choose their own rewards seems to be the ultimate goal here.

Another feature spotted in the patent is the Gold Pass system. This appears to be a premium battle pass system layered on top of the original one. Players can purchase the Gold Pass which will unlock additional rewards on the proposed battle pass track.

As with all patents, we may not see this system implemented any time soon, if at all. Since the patent is dated May 13, 2021, it seems improbable that we’ll see it in EA’s upcoming Battlefield game.

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