Dutch Card Fan Creates Gender-Neutral Deck Of Cards Without Kings, Queens, Or Jacks

A Dutch company is challenging the race and gender-based hierarchy of traditional playing cards by restructuring the deck with neutrality in mind.

GSB Playing Cards is looking to shake up one of the oldest pieces of gaming equipment to fit with more modern ideas. As anyone who has picked up a deck of cards will know, the face cards are almost always presented as white nobility, and the value goes from Jack to King. But times are changing and GSB Playing Cards founder, Indy, thinks that the classic deck should change along with it. Rather than Jack, Queen, and King, GSB cards use a ranking system that is familiar to people around the world; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Which, incidentally, is what GSB stands for. On top of being all about inclusivity GSB Playing Cards is also eco-friendly, printing only on planet friendly paper and packaging in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved boxes.

The rest of the cards follow the same 2 to ace structure, but instead of a 2D King having all the power, a beautifully illustrated pile of gold bricks will have top billing. Packs can be purchased in singles or doubles and come in two colors, black and burgundy. GSB also offers customization for their cards backs, which makes them great gifts for environmentally and socially conscious card sharks.

This may seem like a small thing, but the quest for inclusivity and equality is never ending and has to happen where you’d least expect it in order to be truly won.

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