Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Dragon Vein Furnace Core, Typhon

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It’s taken a while – arguably a toll – to get here, but here you are. The final battle of Dusk Diver 2. As a previous twist revealed in a shock to no one, the kid called Typhon (named after the mythical Titan, and inspiration for literal disease), is a villain. He also just so happens to be a fairly unique encounter too.

You don’t necessarily wail on Typhon directly, instead, the fight is focused on the giant machine Typhon is riding/controlling. Taking him out requires the destruction of his mech, and this naturally translates to a multiphase epic final battle.

Typhon’s Attacks

Despite being the final boss, Typhon has very few attacks – less than a handful of unique ones in fact. This, theoretically, makes Typhon very easy to grasp. The catch? Typhon’s moveset is designed to hinder you will sweeping AOE, crowd control and damage. As a result, this fight is not a short one.

Aerial BombardmentTyphon conjures a holographic angry face and then unleashes an aerial bombardment consisting of six lasers.This attack has a clear telegraph (the face), and since each laser marks the ground before it strikes, it’s incredibly easy to just move out of the way.
Laser BeamsTyphon fires three powerful lasers directly from his cockpit.This attack telegraphed by a brief guiding line that shows where Typhon is aiming. It will flash twice before firing, giving you plenty of time to dodge out of the way. You will need to dodge at least three times to avoid the entire attack.
Explosive OrbsTyphon summons a cluster of explosive orbs around you which explode after a brief delay.Quickly dodge out of the ring of explosives to avoid damage.
Black HoleTyphon conjures a black hole in the middle of the arena that pulls your party into it. A large explosive orb slowly lowers into the singularity that will explode once it connects.The blackhole will dissipate just before the explosive orb makes contact. To avoid this attack, simply keep dashing to escape the black hole. Once it vanishes, you should be able to quickly dash out of range of the explosion.
Black Hole + Laser BeamsThe same as above, only Typhon will immediately follow up with laser beams.This combo attack is a pain to deal with as the guiding lines are obscured by the particle effects from the black hole. Best way to avoid damage is to keep dodging after you escape the black hole.
Black Hole + Explosive OrbsAnother black hole-based attack. Typhon will randomly spawn smaller explosive orbs around the outside of the black hole that will explode shortly after the black hole vanishes.Dodge as per usual, however, aim your dodge to move between the gaps between the explosives.
Black Hole + Explosive Orbs + Laser BeamsYet another black hole attack. This one combines all of the attacks Typhon can do into onto nasty combo.Combine all of your dodging from the previous attacks into one cluster of dodging. This is Typhon’s most dangerous attack, although he doesn’t do it often.

Which Party Member To Use

Typhon is a stationary target, so any character can do work here. Since you have likely been levelling up Yumo the most, however, she is probably going to be your best bet. Yumo just so happens to be a top-tier character too. Her kit and speed is ideal for dealing with all of Typhons tricks and mechanics.

Leo is also surprisingly good if you have him decked out. Typhon is immobile, so Leo’s slow speed and high damage can really shine. We would still rate him lower than Yumo, however.

Battle Strategy

This fight is split into two phases, although the second phase (which triggers at 50 percent HP) is more of a formality Typhon doesn’t change all that much after the transition. How you take down Typhon is quite simple to boot.

All you have to do is attack the two generators to the left and right of Typhon. Once they have both entered their Break state, Typhon’s cockpit will collapse onto the area, allowing you to attack him directly.

You won’t be able to focus any one generator, however, as Typhon’s AOE attack will force you to move away. This is an ideal time to move over to the opposite end of the arena and lay into the other generator.

Start to finish, it will take two-four cycles of doing this to kill Typhon, which makes this one of the longer fights in Dusk Diver 2. This is only exacerbated by the disruptive nature of Typhon’s attacks. For this reason, we recommend having Burst ready to go. Using BP items will let you enter Burst multiple times, which gives you plenty of opportunities to build up your Burst Ultimate. This attack deals huge HP damage to Typhon, so landing it is very much advised.

With Typhon down, you are free to enjoy the closing cutscene. Congratulations.

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