Dungeons & Dragons: Our 5 Favorite Adventures In Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel

While Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules most often contain a single large-scale adventure for a Dungeon Master to guide their players through, the recently released Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel features a different structure. Like 2021's Candlekeep Mysteries, Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is actually a collection of several smaller adventures.

While the adventures found within Candlekeep Mysteries were each unified through their status as mysteries, each adventure in Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is authentically influenced by the diverse backgrounds and lived experiences of each respective author. As each of these adventures is quite distinct and completely unlike the others, and trying to rank them objectively would be like comparing apples to oranges, we're going to explore our personal favorite adventures that appear in the book.

5 The Fiend Of Hollow Mine

The Fine of Hollow Mine is an adventure for level four characters set within the Mexico-inspired setting of San Citlan. This adventure has a lot for various types of players to appreciate, as a mystery full of things to explore and investigate, whilst containing ample combat scenarios for players looking to get their hands dirty.

In addition to containing elements that one would expect from a Western, this adventure is filled with cultural authenticity, as players are able to experience D&D's equivalent of the Day of the Dead as they solve the mystery at hand.

4 The Sins Of Our Elders

The Sins of Our Elders is a Chinese-inspired mystery that blends elements of horror with navigating a culture with a set of uncompromising traditions. While this is an adventure with its fair share of combat, a substantial amount of it takes the form of investigation and trying to get information from locals.

However, as many locals within this setting view admitting there is a problem as just as damaging as the problem itself, making headway can be rather difficult, making for fun and interesting roleplaying scenarios for the party.

3 Salted Legacy

As much as we love adventures with serious and dire tones, and stakes that could shake the very structure of the world as we know it, sometimes it's worth shaking things up with some laid-back and upbeat adventures that prioritize fun. The book's lowest level adventure, Salted Legacy, is an adventure that brings players through levels one and two, focusing on marketplace shenanigans and most importantly, food.

Set within a lively and sprawling marketplace, while this adventure is a mystery at its core, in order for players to obtain the information they need, the party must participate in fun, food-based challenges.

As it's easy to get caught up in high-stakes drama and deadly combat encounters, we truly appreciate the inclusion of an endearing and comparably lighthearted adventure like Salted Legacy to contrast adventures such as The Nightsea's Succor, that feature a more horror-inspired tone.

2 Written In Blood

Written in Blood is an excellent adventure in a setting inspired by the American South. As a horror mystery, Written In Blood would fit in perfectly within previous D&D books like Candlekeep Mysteries and Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft through its use of tone and great worldbuilding. It should truly say something about this adventure's aesthetic when the book itself states that this adventure could be run as if it took place within the Domains of Dread of Ravenloft.

This adventure features a solid blend of investigation, combat scenarios, and roleplaying opportunities with its memorable NPCs. While we won't spoil it for those looking to play this adventure, we'll just say that the new monster that functions as this adventure's antagonist is not only a perfect and horrifying monster to cap off Written In Blood, but also a monster that DMs should be encouraged to include in their own personal campaigns.

For those looking for a smaller scale horror adventure that can be completed in just a few sessions, Written in Blood is for you.

1 Shadow Of The Sun

As a major defining factor of Dungeons & Dragons is each player's agency and the game's interactivity, we truly appreciate adventures that allow players to make important decisions that fundamentally impact the course of the story.

Set within the Persian-inspired setting of Akharin Sangar, Shadow of the Sun is an adventure in which the concepts of morality, justice, and right and wrong are pushed to the forefront as players are asked to assist angels and prevent needless violence.

However, the course this adventure takes is based heavily on the player's beliefs, values, and ethics, as they figure out the best course of action. This adventure can notably lead your party into discussing what is truly moral, potentially even splitting the party if they fundamentally disagree. This story doesn't have a correct answer for the problem at hand, making it up to the interpretation of the party. This inherently interactive morality-focused adventure is easily our favorite inclusion within Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel.

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