Dragon Quest Treasures: Gayle Quest Guide

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Gayle is one of the first friendly NPCs you meet in the world of Dragon Quest Treasures. Her questline is one that can be completed relatively early in the game and goes hand-in-hand with a number of the other quests. It will also reward you handsomely every step of the way.

Inevitably, completing Gayle's quests will have you ricocheting between all the islands. Simply by working your way through this quest you will inevitably unlock multiple railway stations, and uncover multiple ancient monuments. We will point you in the direction of where you need to go and help you complete each quest with minimal difficulty.

Stranded At The Station

To begin with, go to the Bonedry Station in The Maneland. Now, talk to Mr. Baker and he will give you a piece of Sanguinite. All you need to do here is to the get the Sweetshade Glade Station up and running again. Which, thankfully, isn't too difficult of a task. Just collect the nearby Sandelions (there is a patch of them south of the station). Then, give all the flowers you just collected, along with the Sanguinite you got from Mr. Baker, to the St4tion-M4aster. Just like that, you will open the station and Gayle will be on her way.

Excuses, Excuses

In order to start this quest, you will need to restore Bitterbutte Bottom Station. Which, unfortunately, is one of the more obnoxious stations to restore. So, first of all, you are going to have to acquire 4 Lotus Nectars. This part isn't too bad, as there is a bunch of these flowers clustered under the nearby trees—south of the station.

You will also need to recruit a Queen Slime. You can find one roaming the wide open area north of the station. Lastly, you will need to have 4 pieces of Sanguinite. Which, of course, means, you are going to have to start exploring the Snarl (there's no other place to get that much Sanguinite). Once you have gathered everything you need, bring it to the St4tion-M4ster and get this section of the railway line running again.

Now that you have done that, Gayle will arrive. Talk to her and she will tell you about how much she hates the Tundrackies. So, all you need to do is mercilessly slaughter 8 Tundrackies and you will be finished this section of the quest. Don't worry, they aren't hard to find, you can travel either direction on the nearby path and you will absolutely encounter more than eight of them. You will be rewarded with the Sylphanian Standard and a Chimaera Wing.

The Stricken Sabrecat

You are going to need to go to the Soaring Steps Station and talk to Gayle. However, before you go, make sure you have a Sharptooth Steak. You can buy one from the Vendor at The Swoopswamp Station. You see, Gayle is accompanied by a sickly Great Sabrecat. Give it the Sharptooth Steak you just bought. You will now be given a Colossal Crystal and a Chimaera Wing as a reward.

While you are at it, you may as well get The Soaring Steps Station up and running again. You just need to give the St4tion-M4ster the Sanguinite you get from Miss Kensington at Swoopswamp Station, and 6 Black Glumpet mushrooms which you will find under trees in the surrounding area.

Special Training

Next, head to the Redscale Station. All you need to do here is beat Gayle and her crew in a fight. That means fighting a level 30ish Dracky, Great Sabrecat, and Icy Dragling. Drackys are weak to light, Sabercats are weak to earth, and the Dragling is weak to fire. So, having Sizz, Crag, and Frizz pellets on hand will be helpful if you are a little lower level. You will be rewarded with a Sabrina and Aerial Statue as well as a Chimaera Wing.

True Friendship

Listen To The Sylphanian Dracky's Story

Ariel will be at your base. Talk to her and she will inform you that Gayle is in trouble. Now, head to the Sweetshade Glade Station in the Maneland.

You will encounter two monuments while completing this questline, so, if you haven't already started the Prince Anemone's questline, you should probably do that before going to help Gayle.

Hurry And Meet Gayle

So, the primary obstacle here is going to be getting to Gayle. You are going to want to use the airstreams to the east. From Sweetshade Glade station, float down to the right (so don't use the elevator). Land on the rocks near the edge, follow them upward, and you will land near an airstream. Use the Glide function here, and it will ferry you across the way and leave you next to a cave. Gayle is in here! Now, talk to her, and she will ask you to go deliver a bruising to the Steampunk!

There is a monument in this cave with Gayle, give it a read before you leave.

Take Back Gayle's Treasure For Her

Now, you just need to get to that Steampunk. They are Northwest of where you talk to Gayle. In the cave with Gayle, there is an airstream which will ferry you across the way. Once you have cross to the other side of the chasm, climb up the giant step-like boulders. Now, follow the quest marker; you will have to glide across another chasm, and climb up a few more rocks, but it is pretty straightforward from here.

Once you get to him, beware, he has move where he will manifest a giant axe. This is DEADLY. However, there are lots of monsters in the area, so you can go build up your draconic attack in preparation for him. Also, the Steam Punk is weak to lightning. So a Zap pellet will be extremely effective against him.

Make certain to loot all the treasure chests in the middle of the area where you fight the Steam Punk. There is also another monument here to interact with!

As a reward, you will be given a Gayle Statue, Dracky Jewel, and a Chimaera Wing. You will now have officially completed the Gayle questline!

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