Dragon Quest Builder’s 2: How To Solve All Of The Puzzles On Furrowfield Island

There are puzzles spread across the islands in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and completing them will earn you mini medals. Furrowfield Island has ten in all and players often struggle to complete them. Luckily, they are easier than they may seem and a few simple steps will have you collecting your prize in no time.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the puzzles cannot be solved until you have completed the story for the island, so you might want to hold off on solving them until you have done this. Furrowfield Island might seem foreign at first, but after you uncover its secrets in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you will have collected all of its mini medals!

South Of The Farm

When you come across this first puzzle you will see two stacks of blocks, with one being taller than the other. There are also two blocks resting beside these stacks, and these are what need to be placed to complete this challenge.

All you have to do is pick up the two blocks and place them with the Gloves onto the smaller stack in order to earn your first mini medal.

Northeast From The Farm

The second puzzle is northeast from the farm and you will see a pool of water at the top and an empty basin at the bottom. You need to fill the entire thing with water, but you don’t need an Endless Pot in order to do so.

All you have to do is break the block at the top and it will flow down to fill it, and then you can collect your mini medal and head off to create a small bedroom for your villagers.

Hidden Inside A Cave

This puzzle is hidden within a cave, so you might need the help of your map in order to find it. It is similar to the first puzzle you completed as it required you to place a block in a certain position.

You will see one dirt block sitting on the edge of a three-block basin, and you need to use the Gloves to place the final block inside of it.

Beside The Mountain

You will have to complete quite a bit of the storyline in Furrowfield before you are granted access to complete this puzzle. The Endless Pot is needed for this challenge which is tucked into the mountainside.

Once you find it you just have to fill up the pool with water, so make sure your Endless Pot is full of water. It is pretty straightforward, as most of the puzzles in Furrowfield are, and completing it will allow you to get back to building rooms based on recipes.

The Cave Near Fat Rat Rise

When you warp to Fat Rat Rise, this puzzle will be in a cave nearby and guarded by one of the bigger monsters on the island. You need to enter the cave and run to the very end, but this is a multi-step solution.

First, you need to hit the block holding back the water on the far right, however, it won’t be enough to fill the basin on the far left. This is where you can use your Endless Pot to release water all over the floor until it fills the hole on the left side of the room.

On The Beach

If you head to the little section of the beach near the Clifftop Cabin you will find another puzzle, and this is arguably the most difficult of them all. It features two images in the sand of a Slime, and it is up to you to make them look the same.

You have to remove the two blocks at the top of the left Slime’s smile and then place the two blocks sitting off to the side into it. The two images should now match, and you can always check by entering a sky view so you can look at them from above.

In The Swamp

When you head deeper into the swamp and find the Skeleton, you will also come across this puzzle. First, you need to break the block at the top to release the water, but it won’t quite reach the basin at the bottom.

You must take out your Endless Pot and fill the bottom basin with water, however, you must dump it directly into it as an unseeable force will prevent you from pouring water from the middle. Once this is done you can go on to finish the other Furrowfield quests, like collecting the glitched Sugar Cane Seeds for Rosie.

Head To The Mountaintop

There is a mountaintop near the Orc’s Tomato Farm where you will find this puzzle, and it is quite simple as long as you know how to be creative. You will find an unfinished box made of blocks, and you must put the remaining blocks in their place.

It will require you to stand on the edges and then jump and place the blocks at the same time.

In The Rainforest

This puzzle can be found in the rainforest and you will need your Gloves out for this one. You will need to pick up the blue flowers and place them on the empty grass sections of the puzzle.

They can be found to the left of the puzzle, or you can whack some with your mallet on the way into the rainforest and just place them from your inventory.

Fly To The Island

The final puzzle cannot be reached until you unlock the Windbreaker, as you need to fly to the island in the southwest corner of the map. It is on the outskirts of the rock and the first step is to break the block in the top basin to create a hole.

Next, you will have to fill the entire thing with water by using your Endless Pot in order to finish the final puzzle on Furrowfield Island. Once you solve this puzzle you won’t be able to contain your excitement that more Dragon Quest might be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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