Dragon Quest Builder’s 2: How To Collect Sugar Cane Seeds For Rosie When It’s Glitched

There is a game-breaking glitch in Dragon Quest Builder’s 2 involving the quest where Rosie wants you to collect 25 Sugar Cane Seeds for her. However, sometimes players find that even after having over 30 seeds in their inventory, the game doesn’t register that they have been collected.

Fortunately, there is a very easy solution to this problem and one that players often wish they had known sooner. You will breeze through this glitched quest with ease in Dragon Quest Builders 2, and also learn how to avoid this problem in the first place.

What Causes The Glitch?

If you haven’t quite reached this point in the game, you should know that the glitch is caused by going above and beyond what the quest asks of you. Those who know what sugar cane is in the real world understand how it is grown, and often try to grow it themselves before the game teaches them how.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the occurrence of this glitch, as you must follow the quests to the letter and not think two steps ahead as other games that let you build often do. It can also happen if you decide to explore other areas and collect the other seeds on Furrowfield Island before their respective quests.

The Tomato Seeds seemed to work just fine, but the Pumpkin Seeds also had the same glitch and this same method can be used for their collection.

Cover The Ground With Water

The first step to working around the glitch is to cover one of your fields with water. When you have the Endless Pot equipped you can hold down the interaction button in order to spread water over a certain area.

Make sure not to tap it, as this will cause you to scoop up any of the water around you.

Plant The Seeds

Next, you need to plant the Sugar Cane Seeds in the areas where you have covered the ground with water. If you don’t then they will just wither and die, which won’t help you work around this problem.

You can tell which plots are covered as they will automatically turn a darker shade of brown to show that they are watered.

Wait For Them To Grow

Once you have planted the seeds, all you need to do is wait until they are fully grown. If you complete the final step before they are, then you will be stuck with the same glitch as you had before.

It does take time so consider collecting more Grass Seeds, completing some of the puzzles or other quests you haven’t finished yet, or upgrading your base in the meantime.

Hit The Full-Grown Sugar Cane With Your Mallet

After the Sugar Cane is fully grown, then you can hit the stalks and ground at the same time with your Mallet, as this item should already be in your inventory. When you pick up the seeds they will count toward your total seeds collected, although no one is quite sure why.

If you can’t tell if they are full-grown or not, then take a swing at them with your weapon prior to pulling out your Mallet to see if it can be harvested. You shouldn’t le

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