Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod Adds Super Saiyan God Goku With His Own Moveset

A Dragon Ball FighterZ modder has added Super Saiyan God Goku to the game, complete with his own unique moves.

As any Dragon Ball fan will know, Goku, and pretty much every character, has a ton of different forms to access, most of which have been represented within Dragon Ball FighterZ. One form that has been completely ignored in FigherZ is Super Saiyan God, with only a single cutscene featuring the form in the whole game, despite it being a unique form that has popped back up a few times in Dragon Ball Super and the manga.

The mod, created by RCBurrito, seems to replace Super Saiyan Goku and combines elements across various different versions of Goku to create a unique variant. Aside from the obvious changing of Goku's model to be slimmer and have a rd aura throughout almost all of his attacks, Super Saiyan God Goku also has the same ki blast and Kamehameha move as Super Saiyan Goku. Some of the unique moves include getting several command grabs that can be used in the air, as well as a move called "God Blow" which acts as a lunging lariat attack.

There are a number of different references to Super Saiyan God Goku found within the moveset, such as the two finger ki blast that he does as one of his standing attacks, a reference to him doing the same move in Dragon Ball Super. For his ultimate move, Goku uses a special Super Saiyan God version of Dragon Fist that resembles the move he performs against Beerus in Battle of the Gods after absorbing his attack, this time staying in his red aura instead of reverting back to Super Saiyan.

RCBurrito's mod is currently available to download for free from GameBanana. Regarding the mod, RCBurrito said, "The God Goku Mod includes almost an entire moveset revamp using new and existing animations used throughout the base game, as well as a brand new model".

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