Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Cullen

When you take on the role of Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you are able to romance some of your companions and advisors. In committing to a romantic relationship you will unlock the “Beloved and Precious” trophy/achievement. One of your options for romance is Cullen Rutherford, the commander of the Inquisition’s army and the military advisor.

Cullen can only be romanced by female Inquisitors who are human or elven. For everything you need to know about getting Commander Cullen to commit to a romantic relationship with you, here’s what you need to do.

Progressing Your Relationship with Cullen

Cullen is one of the easier romances to achieve, as he is an advisor and not a companion, so he doesn’t have an approval rating that works the same way as your party members. You will need to speak with Cullen often to raise your friendship with him in order to access his personal sidequests, which are required to enter into a proper relationship with him.

You can begin flirting with Cullen from your very first conversation with him at Haven. Make sure you speak to him often, exhausting all dialog options and always choosing any flirtatious options that appear (marked with a heart). Make sure you speak with Cullen after every major story event or any quest that involves/affects him directly, as this is often when new dialog options appear.

It is important that you listen to Cullen discuss his troubles with Lyrium and agree to play chess with him in order to progress your romance, as this is required to unlock his first inner circle quest.

If you sided with the Mages are the beginning of the game, Cullen will be involved in the Nemesis Quest “Before the Dawn”, but this does not affect the romance.

Cullen’s Inner Circle Quests


Cullen’s first sidequest will be available after the completion of the main story quest “Here Lies the Abyss” or “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts”, providing that you have spoken with Cullen about Lyrium and have played chess with him.

Head to Cullen’s office to find that an Inquisition Scout is there, but that the Commander is missing. The Scout will explain that Cullen has gone to speak with Cassandra, beginning the “Perseverance” sidequest. Head towards the blacksmith and a cutscene will begin showing Cassandra and Cullen arguing.

Afterward, head to Cullen’s office to speak with him, where he will confide in you about his struggles with Lyrium. Your dialog options here are important, if you force Cullen to continue taking Lyrium, he will end the romance with you.

Be sure to choose the romance option “I care about what you want.” and then follow it up with “Don’t give up.” to continue your romantic relationship and agree to Cullen not taking Lyrium. After completing this sidequest, regardless of what you chose, Cullen will want some alone time and will not converse with you further for a short time.

Happier Times

Cullen’s final sidequest “Happier Times” will unlock some time after the completion of “Perseverance” providing that you are still in a romantic relationship with Cullen (meaning that you did not force him to start taking Lyrium again).

Speaking with Cullen (when he is ready) will begin this sidequest and he will ask you to accompany him to Ferelden. Agreeing to go with him will begin a cutscene near a lake, in which Cullen will tell the Inquisitor about his past and present them with a small token.

You can choose to accept or decline Cullen’s Lucky Coin, however, regardless of your choice, the cutscene will end with a kiss and your romance will reach its final stage.

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