Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Has Addressed Donald Duck’s Anger Issues

Disney Dreamlight Valley received its first major update last week, one that welcomes The Lion King's Scar to the game. That wasn't the only thing the update did to potentially improve the latest Disney title though, as among what wound up being more than 100 tweaks to the game was a change to Donald Duck's attitude.

For those unfamiliar with Dreamlight Valley, the game tasks you with venturing into various Disney-inspired worlds and bringing iconic characters back to their homes in Dreamlight Valley. Donald Duck is pretty ungrateful despite your help and flies off the handle almost every time you interact with him. Somewhat amusing, and honestly, probably in keeping with the character.

However, the funny side of Donald's short temper has been wearing thin for some players, as has been pointed out by ScreenRant. Since the duck is always annoyed, even when he is simply within earshot and not actually a part of what you're doing, it has been ruining the experience for some people. Donald's shouting and incessant quacking has been cutting through Dreamlight Valley's soundtrack and distracting players from the task at hand.

Donald's rage issues were so severe that Disney agreed it needed to be dealt with. Tucked away in the patch notes for last week's update is the reveal that “Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs, reducing how long his tantrums last.” So if you have noticed Donald has been flying off the handle a lot less these last few days, that's why.

Even though Dreamlight Valley is still in early access, a number of characters are already in the game with more to come. A Toy Story expansion that will introduce Woody and Buzz has already been shown off. The game's photo mode has also been improved as a part of the recent update.

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