Disney Dreamlight Valley: Stitch Character Guide

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  • First Quest: The Mystery Of The Stolen Socks
  • Second Quest: The Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical nostalgia trip, and with each update comes a special chance to interact with the faces that graced your childhood favorites. Your adventures will take you across the quirky and sprawling open world of Dreamlight Valley as you bring its inhabitants home, banish Night Thorns, and help the villagers gain back their memories.

The Missions in Uncharted Space update brought not only the Toy Story Realm to the Valley, but a curious little alien fellow by the name of Stitch. If you're wondering how to unlock him, this guide is here to walk you through it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is in early access, so the information in this guide is liable to change.

First Quest: The Mystery Of The Stolen Socks

If you want to unlock Stitch, you won't be using one of the doors in the Enchanted Castle like you did to get Elsa or Anna. However, there are some prerequisites before you can bring Stitch to Dreamlight Valley:

  • Unlock all biomes (especially Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor)
  • Level up your friendship with Stitch

Once you have met the above criteria (and have the latest version of the game installed on your device), start the Mystery of the Stolen Socks quest by searching for a slimy, chewed-up sock on the shores of Dazzle Beach.

It can spawn anywhere, but for us, it was on the small island just in front of Skull Rock, nearby the boat on which you set sail with Moana.

Pick it up, and you will trigger the start of the quest. Bring the stolen sock back to its rightful owner – the hotheaded Donald Duck – at his houseboat. He will then ask you to help him crush all the rubbish he has lying, and in doing so you'll discover a curious item. The item will spring to life when Donald holds the sock against it, confirming that the DNA of the saliva coating the sock matches that of the device owner.

That's the end of the first quest. You'll have to wait five real-time days before you can find the next clue in the puzzle to bring Stitch back to the Valley.

Second Quest: The Sock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again!

After five regular days, load back into the game and head to Peaceful Meadow. Once again, you'll be on the lookout for a sparkling visual cue to alert you to the presence of yet another pre-masticated, grotty little sock. It can spawn anywhere in the Meadow, and for us, it was found just behind Merlin's hut.

Pick it up, and you'll discover the letter "G" embroidered on it. Yep, this sorry excuse for a chew toy belongs to Goofy, so use your map to find him in the Valley and hand over the sock.

Goofy's house is in a similar state of disarray to poor Donald's, so you'll once again have to dispose of some trash before you come across another clue: some strange blue fur.

Take the fur back to Donald, and he will use his strange new device to confirm that the blue fur and sock saliva come from the same place. You'll have to wait five more days before you can start the next quest: Built To Destroy.

This guide is unfinished and will be updated as we complete the rest of the missions required to unlock Stitch and bring him home to Dreamlight Valley.

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