Dislyte: Leveling Guide

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Leveling up your squad members, or Espers, is one of the keys to success in Dislyte. No matter whether they start as rare (three-star), epic (four-star) or legendary (five-star), each of your characters can be taken from level 1-60. You’ll need a full squad of top-level characters to take on the game’s toughest content.

The process of leveling in Dislyte isn’t as simple as it is in some other mobile and gacha games. Requirements need to be met to get past certain level ceilings. There are a variety of ways to level up your Espers alongside simply playing them in the game, including using items and using characters in a variety of auto-play scenarios.

Leveling Basics

No matter the starting quality of an Esper, they all have the same leveling potential. It’s just the hoops you have to jump through are lessened for epic and legendary Espers. Firstly, an Esper’s current star rating determines their level cap:

  • Three-star (rare starting point): 30
  • Four-star (epic start point): 40
  • Five-star (legendary start point): 50
  • Six-star: 60 (maximum for any Esper)

All Espers start at level one. You can advance them to their star-related level cap without hurdles, either by playing them directly, through auto-play, or by using items. But when you reach their level cap, you need to promote them using Starimons to increase their star rating before you can continue to level them up.

Leveling Guide: Gaining Experience (XP)

The basic way to gain XP for your Espers is to put them in your squad and complete Story stages or Trials. As long as a character isn’t at a level cap, they will receive XP on completion dependent on the difficulty level. It doesn’t matter if the individual Esper dies, it'll still get XP – you just need to win the battle.

Practice Stages

Each Chapter of the main Dislyte story has a varying number of stages to complete. After getting past about half of them, a side option called a Practice Stage will become available on that chapter’s screen. Repeating these practice stages is a more efficient way of gaining XP, especially as they tend to also reward you with Experimons, used to give a boost of XP to your Espers.


One of the best ways to gain XP fast is to use your stamina on multi-battles. As long as you stay logged into the game, you can send a squad on auto battles that take place in the background while you do other things. You could send five Espers on ten auto practice stage battles while simultaneously taking the same five Espers on Trials. A great way to double-dip XP. Also, you can edit the multi-battle settings to stop automatically if any of the squad hit a level cap, so you won’t be wasting any valuable XP.

How ‘Mons Can Help

There are three types of ‘mons in Dislyte. They are either collected as rewards or bought in shops. Each helps you level up your Espers differently. As with Espers and relics, their star quality determines how effective they are:

  • Experimons are spent to give XP to an Esper of your choice.
  • Starimons are used to help promote an Esper to its next star level.
  • Abilimons are spent to increase the level of a random one of a chosen Esper's abilities.

Starimon are unique among the three types as they can themselves be leveled up in all the usual ways.

The Growth Tab: Advancement

Click into any Esper’s character screen, then click the Growth tab. This is where you can improve them directly, either leveling them up or promoting them to the next star level.

Once on the Growth tab, you’ll see three options below the character’s title. We’ll get into Resonance and Ascension below. For now, we’ll concentrate on Advancement. When you click this button, you’ll either have a Promote or Confirm (level up) grid. If the Esper has reached level 60, this area will be grayed out and will simply read "maxed" next to their level.


If you have collected any Experimons, you’ll be able to click them in your Esper list here to gain experience for your chosen character. The star rating of the experimon used only affects the amount of XP gained – meaning you can use any level of Experimon on any level of Esper (or Starimon) to help level them up.


You can use both unwanted Espers and Starimons to advance an Esper to its next star rating. To promote an Esper, you need to sacrifice Espers and Starimons equal to the character’s current star level – and all those sacrificed need to be of that level. To promote an Esper from star-rating five to six you would need to sacrifice any combination of five five-star Espers and Starimon.

As this is the only use for Starimon, they’re usually what you’ll sacrifice. However, as they need to be the correct star rating, you may find yourself leveling up weaker Starimon so you can promote them – and then using those higher level Starimon to promote your favourite Espers.

Farming Four-Star Espers

If you’re struggling to get enough four and five-star Starimon to promote your Espers, its worth considering keeping a close eye on global chat for Ripple Dimensions for four-star Espers. Any Espers you can get in this way can then be promoted, or sacrificed, in the usual way.

Other Advancement: Leveling Abilities, Resonance And Ascension

Leveling up your Espers to 60 is not the only way to improve them. Alongside equipping them with the best relics and leveling them up too, all the following are crucial if you want to level your Espers to their peak.

Leveling Up Esper Abilities

Every Esper has three abilities, which are either passive or active during battles. Most of these abilities can be leveled up, sometimes more than five times, with each level adding anything from more damage to reduced cooldown times. You can only level up an ability by using the correctly coloured Abilimon, which you’ll find as rewards or in stores.


As you gain more Espers you’re bound to get multiples of the same ones. If you really don’t want them at all, they can be sacrificed for promotions. But if you get duplicates of an Esper you do like, you can instead sacrifice them via the Resonance button on the growth tab. Each same-type Esper you sacrifice to the same type will give them four-to-six resonance energy, depending on their rarity. And each one energy can then be spent to increase your choice of ATK, DEF or HP on the target Esper by one percent. You can do this six times per Esper, so it's worth waiting until you have multiple six-star Espers if you want to max them out.


Each Esper can be ascended six times. Each ascension requires them to have reached a particular level cap, and you’ll need to spend a certain combination of flow waves (mostly found in Sonic Miracle trials). Each ascension will improve a specific stat or ability, depending on the Esper. Again, this can be found under the Esper’s growth tab.

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