Disgaea 6 – Ruusha Character Guide

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Disgaea 6 is bursting at the seams when it comes to roster. Even ignoring DLC, there are about 50 unique characters and classes to choose from. Include DLC, and that number grows even higher. Most DLC Characters are cameo appearances by legacy characters, but Ruusha doesn’t quite fit that category.

In fact, Ruusha is part of the handful of DLC characters based on popular Vtubers, along with the likes of Fubuking. Ruusha is a custom Succubus with a bit of a tweak to make her stand out a little bit from your standard model. Is she worth slotting into your squad, however?

Who Is Ruusha?

As with all of the Vtuber DLC characters, Ruusha transformed into, well, Ruusha, when she entered the Netherworld. How this happened is not explained, but once upon a time, she was known as Rushia Uruha, a Necromancer. She has abandoned raising the dead, but as a Succubus, that doesn’t mean she is done ratting a few bones.

Why Use Ruusha?

Ruusha is a Succubus, which means she is a fairly decent combatant who has a semi-reliance on inflicting status ailments. She is also a very potent debuffer that can drastically alter the outcome of a fight – providing they fit a few strict criteria. Topping it all off, her damage isn't too bad either.

Not only that, when you obtain Ruusha, she comes in at level 2000, making her incredibly powerful in the early game.

What Weapon Does Ruusha Use?

Ruusha is not great with any weapon, but she has a couple that she is fairly good with.


Of all the weapons here, however, the bow is where it’s at. The bow gives Ruusha a bit of range when attacking, which is always nice, and it plays off of her Specials nicely when it comes to scaling too. The only downside is that Ruusha tends to play close to enemies, often negating the bows' natural advantages.

Ruusha’s Unique Evilities

Ruusha has one unique Evility.

Sexy AuraDecrease stats of adjacent male enemy units by -20%

Sexy Aura is a powerful Evility in the right situation. A 20 percent decrease in stats is significant. This means enemies are easier to kill and deal less damage at a base level. There are two downsides to this, however.

Firstly, Ruusha needs to be adjacent to the enemy for it to have an effect. This limits this Evility quite substantially, but it can be worked around with a few sneaky move cancels. The gender side of it, however, is a much bigger issue. Some characters simply don’t care about this Evility, which makes Ruusha noticeably less effective.

Thankfully, there are more male characters in Disgaea 6 than female, and some of the strongest enemies in the game just so happen to be male as well.

Ruusha’s Unique Attacks

Ruusha’s specials pretty good.

Shrink StepD+ATK/HITNone0Adjacent
Heart Bind DATK/HITCharm0Horizontal Line
Twin AttributeAATK/HITNone0Adjacent

Ruusha has access to all the attacks a Succubus has, but thanks to her masteries being naturally higher than a stock succubus, she will deal slightly more damage. Her two best attacks are Nightmare and Twin Attribute. Both deal great damage (especially Twin Attribute), and Nightmare inflicts Charm – a very powerful ailment.

The only downside to Ruusha’s kit, again, is the restrictive range of her attacks. Ruusha likes to use bows, but none of her Specials support that playstyle.

How To Use Ruusha

Ruusha is a pain to use, but the payoff is often worth the effort. She likes to be close to enemies – specifically male enemies. This goes against her love of the bow, but that is just something you have to deal with. This means Ruusha will often be exposed to danger, and since she has no built-in defences (not without extra Evilities), she is susceptible to dying.

Other downsides to Ruusha are her gender and breast size. Being a female, she cannot gain benefits from Rozelin or Melodia, and having a rather large chest prevents her from joining the Flatty Squad. This limits what buffs she can have, which in turn, limits how much damage she can deal when stacked with many other characters.

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