Diablo 2 Anniversary Celebration Gifts Diablo 3 Item

Today, June 29 marks the 20th anniversary of Diablo 2, the dungeon-crawling game that’s still seen by many to be a genre-defining experience. Blizzard is marking the anniversary with some retrospectives, special merch, and a free in-game item in Diablo 3.

In a post on the Blizzard blog, the company outlines some of the ways you can celebrate the classic loot-hunting game today. Those include an animated short (below), a detailed retrospective, and a speedrun from MrLlamaSC. The company also unveiled a new Lord of Terror bust, which goes for $140.

But if you just want to celebrate one classic dungeon crawler by playing another, you can log in to Diablo 3 anytime after June 29 to claim a pair of Prime Evil Wings. “Baal–as we saw in him in Diablo 2–did not have wings, but try to imagine what they would’ve looked like if he did, and if you could’ve fastened them to your hero’s shoulders,” says Blizzard.


Meanwhile David Brevik, who was design lead on the classic game, issued his own statement via Twitter.

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