Destroy Is Marvel Snap’s Most Fun And Least Effective Deck

I've been building a fair few decks in Marvel Snap, trying out different combos and deckbuilding strategies. The first deck I built was my Girlies Deck, full of the women in the game who are both my best friends and my wives. That was fun, and I still play around with it when I want to get my favourite cards a few more boosters, but it wasn't all that tactically constructed. I have three decks that I'm seeing the most success with – Death From Above, Movers & Shakers, and The Jubilation Committee, but despite all that, I just can't stop using my Destroy Destroy Destroy Deck.

The Destroy Deck (I'm not typing it all out every time) is not that successful and highly reliant on luck, plus it's missing a key ingredient, but I still find it impossibly satisfying. There's something more tactile in physically destroying your own cards to lead you to victory that just feels more cathartic than any other play. Even when it leads to defeat, I can't help but love this little deck of destruction.

I do want to shout out my good Marvel decks as well though. Death From Above is a very experimental deck that can be devastating. It has Onslaught and Iron Man (which combine for 40 points alone, meaning they win pretty much anywhere), and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (a classic one-two punch). The other cards don't really matter all that much. If those cards land for a 4-5 or 5-6 play – or, if I’m a bit lucky and duplicate my dino, a 4-5-6 play – I can sweep an area and just need to have held one other with the rest of my four plays. If they don't land, then Devil, Iron Man, and Onslaught are useful enough anyway.

Movers & Shakers is full of cards that move. It has Nightcrawler and Vision to move manually, but also Iron Fist to force a move and Multiple Man, Vulture, and Kraven to benefit from it. Naturally, it also comes with Heimdall to give everyone a final shakedown. The Jubilation Committee, meanwhile, is a Jubilee deck packed with high cards like Hulk, America Chavez, Abomination, Vison, and Odin for Jubilee to pull. Once she even pulled Odin, meaning she immediately pulled again. That was Agent 13, so not a huge win, but still – Jubilee has tricks. Playing off this deck is a Sunspot-The Infinaut combo, meaning after pulling Jubilee on turn four, turns five and six combine for 25 points. All three of these decks will win with a little bit of planning, thought, and a small dollop of luck. But none of them are as fun as Destroy.

Destroy is exactly what it sounds like. It has the likes of Nova and Wolverine ready to be destroyed, with Carnage and Deathlok ready to wreak destruction. Nova grants a bonus to all cards in play when destroyed, while Wolverine respawns elsewhere. Carnage, meanwhile, grows stronger every time it destroys, and Deathlok's high power is off-set by the 'weakness' of him causing destruction. Angel is also in my deck ready to replace anything destroyed on the board. Meanwhile, Blade, Sword Master, and Lady Sif all specialise in destroying cards in my hand, aimed at destroying (and therefore strengthening) Apocalypse.

It needs Bucky Barnes (who transforms into The Winter Soldier when destroyed) to feel complete, but even then it's easily undone by Armor or Wakanda, and is far more about RNG for draw order than other hands. Even with a perfect run though, it doesn't score as highly nor is it as flexible as The Jubilation Committee or Movers & Shakers. It's just not a very good deck. But it's very fun, and so I'm going to keep playing with it. I just need that Bucky Barnes pull and I'll be all set.

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