Destiny 2’s Lightfall Expansion Arrives February 2023 With Calus Returning As A Disciple

The Bungie Showcase just unveiled the upcoming neon-themed Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall.

The DLC's trailer showed the Guardians exploring an all-new location on Neptune called Neomuna. It is an untouched city which never saw a collapse unlike humanity but is now being invaded by Cabal emperor Calus and his army. Season of the Haunted revealed that Calus has indeed joined forces with The Witness and will rally against the Traveler with the Black Fleet.

It was also revealed that Calus is undergoing some sort of transformation process where he is being turned into a Disciple of the Witness. The trailer shows him entering a chamber with the Witness overlooking the probable transformation themselves. Interestingly, Calus’s Cabal army is also beefed up on some 'Darkness' juice and is now called his ‘Shadow Legion’. These foes will sport new armor, look different from the other Cabal, and have different powers.

The next bit that we saw was an unknown resident of Neomuna shooting a rocket launcher at a Darkness ship. It was further revealed that it is one of the residents of the city called ‘Cloudstriders’. They aren’t technically on the same mission as the Guardians, but considering they are looking to defend their city from Calus and his army, the Guardians might join forces with them. We are also getting an entirely new breed of enemies called ‘Tormentors’. These aren’t exactly Disciples of the witness, but similar-looking creatures who will be extremely tough to beat. In addition to this, as the leaks suggested, we are getting a new subclass with Lightfall called ‘Strand’.

The showcase also revealed that the Lightfall expansion will have a legendary campaign difficulty, similar to the previous Witch Queen DLC. There is also an in-built LFG system coming to the game which will allow players to rank other Guardians as well. Another bit of exciting news is that Bungie will not sunset any more expansions as it wants veterans and New Lights to have the full Destiny 2 experience. Furthermore, Season of Plunder was also revealed shortly after, alongside 'King's Fall' returning as a raid which will be free for all players.

The Lightfall expansion releases on February 28, 2023, and is now available for pre-order as well.

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