Destiny 2’s Leaked Gameplay Trailer for the Witch Queen DLC Reveals New Exotic Weapons and Glaive Abilities

Destiny 2’s upcoming Witch Queen Expansion will introduce some groundbreaking changes to the game. From moving towards a weapon and build crafting-focused sandbox to introducing weapon crafting, the DLC already looks promising. Now, it seems a Google Adsense advertisement has accidentally revealed a gameplay trailer that showcases two new exotic weapons and the new Glaive weapon.

The new DLC will pit Guardians against Hive Guardians that are now harder to kill as they wield the Light. The Vanguard takes the fight to Savathun on her Throne World where the Guardians will do everything in their power to put an end to her trickery. Thankfully, it looks like there will be at least two new exotic weapons that will help them take on the Hive god.

According to the leaked gameplay trailer spotted by Forbes, the two exotics showcased seem to be a trace rifle and a grenade launcher. Theli ghtning effects that appear around it lead us to believe it's an Arc-powered rifle. As for the grenade launcher, it is definitely the most interesting weapon yet as it allegedly shoots Hive worms as projectiles. What those projectiles actually do is another matter entirely – most of the Hive missions occur on the moon, so it's likely this will be the reward for an exotic quest there.

In addition to these exotics, the gameplay trailer also showed what Glaives will bring to the table. This weapon was showcased during the original Witch Queen trailer, and it seems it will have its own set of abilities. According to the leak, the Glaive has abilities based on Arc, Solar, and Void subclasses, with each one offering a different kind of power.

For instance, the Void Glaive shoots a projectile that transforms into what looks like a Titan Bubble. The Solar ability seems to shoot healing orbs, and the Arc ability seems to release an electric pulse wave that could damage enemies. It is not clear if these will be character-specific as not a lot is known about the Glaives apart from the fact that they use special ammo.

There is definitely a lot more to this than meets the eye and more information will come to light as the Witch Queen DLC’s release date inches closer.

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