Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen: How To Gild The Dredgen Title

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen introduced gilded titles for Guardians to chase. Those that earned the standard title that want to show off even more can complete an additional set of time-limited challenges to “gild” their title, turning the text a golden color instead of purple.

Despite its description in-game, gilded titles will persist season by season, displaying a number next to the title showcasing how many times you’ve gilded it. One of this season’s gilded titles, Dredgen, is rather easy to earn for those that don’t mind grinding the Gambit playlist. Here’s what gilding the Dredgen title requires in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen.

Earn The Dredgen Title

Before you can earn a gilded title, you must first earn the standard variant of the title as a prerequisite. In this case, you must earn the Dredgen title before you can start gilding it. Gilded Triumphs are not retroactive, so don’t attempt to complete any gilded objective until you’ve earned the base Dredgen title.

Once you’ve earned that title, you’ll need to complete six specific Triumphs during Season of the Chosen. Let’s go over the requirements for each of them.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins: Win 50 Gambit matches.

Gold Coins is self-explanatory. You’ll need to win 50 Gambit matches to complete this Triumph. That’s quite a lot of Gambit matches, so consider bringing a team with you to make each match not as grueling.

As for winning each Gambit match, here are a few tips that might be useful:

  1. Use Warmind Cells: They make the PvE aspect of Gambit trivial. Kill a few enemies, spawn a Warmind Cell, then detonate it to clear out an entire section of the map.
  2. Coordinate Blocker Spawns: If your team deposits their Motes simultaneously, the enemy team will have to deal with four Blockers simultaneously. It’s much harder to fight four Blockers at once than one or two. It’ll also drain the enemy team’s Motes while the Blockers are alive.
  3. Designate Someone To Invade: Having a dedicated Invader will save you many headaches in the long run. Be sure the Invader has Heavy Ammo and/or a Super before Invading. Truth and Machine Guns are good options.

Good Company

Good Company: Win 10 matches where you banked the most Motes across both teams, didn’t die, or dealt the most damage to all combatant types.

Completing a Gambit match while fulfilling any of these three criteria can be quite tricky. If you’re playing solo, focus on banking Motes or dealing damage. Make a build utilizing Warmind Cells or Trinity Ghoul to kill as many enemies as fast as possible. If you grab your own Motes, you should be able to complete to make progress on Good Company rather consistently. Not dying in Gambit will make each match much more stressful, so focus on the other two criteria instead.


Infamous: Reset your Infamy once during Season of the Chosen.

You’ll need to earn 15,000 Infamy points to reset your Infamy rank. One of this season’s Seasonal Challenges requires you to earn five full Gambit Infamy ranks, so there are two incentives for doing this.

Earning Infamy is much slower than Glory and Valor. Here are ways you can speed it up:

  1. Complete Daily Bounties: The Drifter sells four daily bounties that grant +30 Infamy when completed, amounting to 120 Infamy per day per character.
  2. Earn Win Streaks: Having a x5 Win Streak gives you +100 Infamy with each Gambit win, nearly doubling your Infamy progression at most ranks.
  3. Play During Infamy Weeks: Bungie will double or triple Infamy earnings on certain weeks. Keep an eye out for these enhanced Infamy weeks. They’re typically announced in the “Next Week in Destiny” post you see when logging in.

For more information regarding Infamy ranks, check out our Gambit Infamy guide.

Get Out

Get Out: Defeat five Invaders in Gambit.

Get Out is an easy Triumph for Gambit veterans. Bring a Sniper Rifle or Truth to counter any Invaders that spawn. Feel free to use your Super to guarantee an Invader kill if you’re struggling to complete this Triumph.

Death Heals Primeval

Death Heals Primeval: Defeat 25 Guardians as an Invader in Gambit.

Despite the Triumph’s name, Guardian defeats from any point in the match count. With that said, you must be an Invader to make any progress. Use your Super, Sniper Rifles, and Heavy weapons like Truth to get this Triumph done quickly. Try to play Gambit matches with a premade team so you aren’t fighting over who gets to Invade.

Bang For Your Buck

Bang for your Buck: Defeat 100 combatants with Grenade Launchers in Gambit.

Any Grenade Launcher will work for this Triumph. Fighting Lion is the best option for getting this done quickly, as that Grenade Launcher uses Primary ammo. Consider obtaining Salvager’s Salvo and the Gambit Salvager quest before completing this; the Gambit ornament requires Grenade Launcher kills as well.

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