Destiny 2: How To Get The Reckless Endangerment Shotgun

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  • How To Obtain Reckless Endangerment
  • Stalwart Skin Ornament (Vanguard)
  • Done And Dusty Ornament (Crucible)
  • Serpentine Skin Ornament (Gambit)

Destiny 2 releases a new suite of weapons for players to chase each season. One of these is a ritual weapon, a special gun with a fixed roll and multiple ornaments for players to chase. These weapons are quite strong and serve as deterministic chase weapons for new players and veterans alike.

For Season of the Risen, players can complete ritual activities to get their hands on Reckless Endangerment, a Kinetic Shotgun that has a ton of handling and some interesting perks. This guide will go over how to get Reckless Endangerment and its three playlist ornaments—Stalwart Skin, Done and Dusty, and Serpentine Skin.

How To Obtain Reckless Endangerment

Reckless Endangerment is a reward for reaching rank 16 with Zavala, Lord Shaxx, or the Drifter. These vendors are tied to a certain ritual activity—Vanguard Strikes for Zavala, Crucible for Shaxx, and Gambit for the Drifter. The vendor you reach rank 16 with doesn't matter; they all give the same weapon and roll. Find which playlist you enjoy the most, then farm that activity until you earn enough reputation to reset your rank. You'll then be able to receive Reckless Endangerment from their reward track.

The Fastest Reckless Endangerment Farm

Nightfalls serve as the fastest rep grind in Destiny 2 currently. Boot up the Hero difficulty Nightfall (the second option), clear the Nightfall, and repeat. Nightfalls grant more Vanguard rep than your typical Vanguard Op, and they give substantially more rep when a double Vanguard week is active. Wait for the Nightfall to be an easy strike, make a loadout to clear it quickly, then repeatedly farm the Nightfall until you reach rank 16 with Zavala. This will take quite a few runs to do, but it's much faster than farming the Vanguard Ops playlist or Gambit. Crucible is also an option if you're good at PvP, but we still recommend farming Nightfalls since they're far easier for most.

If you'd like to farm any of the three ritual playlists for this Shotgun, give our reputation guides a look.

  • Vanguard Rank Guide
  • Crucible Valor and Glory Guide
  • Gambit Infamy Guide

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Stalwart Skin Ornament (Vanguard)

Stalwart Skin is the Vanguard ornament for Reckless Endangerment. You unlock this ornament upon resetting your Vanguard rank once and reaching rank 16 once again. The strategy for getting this ornament is the same as getting Reckless Endangerment itself. Farm Hero-tier Nightfalls when possible to quickly level with Zavala, and remember to reset your rank.

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Done And Dusty Ornament (Crucible)

Done and Dusty is the Crucible ornament for Reckless Endangerment. You'll need to reset your Valor rank and reach rank 16 a second time with Lord Shaxx to get this skin. Bear in mind that PvP has two different ranking systems, one of which is exclusive to the Competitive playlist. You just need to increase your Valor, the rep system tied to every other PvP playlist. Rumble is typically the best game type to farm since matches go by quickly, but feel free to farm the rotating playlist or Control. Just be sure that you're playing consecutive PvP matches to rack up your play streak.

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Serpentine Skin Ornament (Gambit)

Serpentine Skin is the Gambit ornament for Reckless Endangerment. You can obtain this ornament by resetting your Infamy rank and reaching rank 16 once again with the Drifter. This skin will take the longest to unlock since Gambit matches are quite lengthy. Stay in the playlist, bring a good PvE or PvP loadout, and you should be able to get this ornament in a few play sessions. Waiting for a double Infamy week is recommended for this skin.

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