Destiny 2: How To Complete Iron Banner Bounties Quickly

Few things are quite as grindy as Iron Banner’s weekly bounties in Destiny 2. These bounties task Guardians with obtaining an absurd number of kills or zone captures. When you factor in the constant mercy matches that occur due to unbalanced teams, it becomes quite frustrating to play Iron Banner.

There are a few ways to speed up these bounties, however. Most of them will boil down to finding a fireteam or playing strategically, but any Guardian worth their salt should be able to complete these bounties in a few hours with these tips. For Guardians that want to speed up their bounty objectives, here are a few tips you can use to make Iron Banner a little less headache-inducing.

Around The Fire

Around the Fire: Capture 100 zones in the Iron Banner playlist. Earn bonus progress for each additional teammate in the zone with you.

Capturing 100 zones can take dozens of games to complete if you play aggressively. A fast way of getting this done is to rush the closest objective to you at the start of the game, then push towards the B flag. Keep an eye out for when spawn flips occur so you can capture A or C with the rest of your team.

Of course, if you can do so, get a fireteam together from an LFG website or Discord server. Coordinate with your team on which points to capture to finish this bounty quickly. The Destiny 2 PC LFG Discord can be found here if you need to create a fireteam.

Maneuver Warfare

Maneuver Warfare: Defeat 75 opponents while your team holds Zone Advantage. Earn bonus progress during the Hunt.

Maneuver Warfare can be a nightmare to complete if you’re fighting against six-stack fireteams—a team composed of six players in the same clan or party. You’ll need a good team to get this bounty done quickly, so it’s best to find a fireteam to help with this.

Your main goal is to hold Zone Advantage, which is obtained when you have two zones under your control. For most maps, you’ll want to capture A and C to force the enemy to spawn at B. This will make spawn flipping much less common, allowing you to hold the objectives for much longer. Just be sure that your team doesn’t push zone B, else you could cause a spawn flip to occur that’ll ruin this strategy.

An Arsenal Of Tricks

An Arsenal of Tricks: Defeat 100 opponents with final blows from any ability. Earn bonus progress for Supers and opponents with a higher Power level.

Abilities include your grenade, charged melee ability, and Super. Defeating enemies with your Super grants bonus points, so roaming Supers are by far the easiest way to get this bounty done. Titan’s can use Behemoth’s Glacial Quake, Hunters can use Gunslinger’s Golden Gun, and Warlocks can use Stormcaller’s Chaos Reach or Dawnblade’s Daybreak.

You can also gain a progression boost by lowering your Power Level. To do this intentionally, go to your Collections tab, select the “leveling” tab, then create the common Dreamer class item. This item is created at 21 Power for whatever reason, so your Power Level will drop considerably.

The Rout

The Rout: Defeat 200 opponents in the Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress by landing final blows on opponents with a higher Power level.

The Rout takes the longest to complete out of each Iron Banner bounty. You must defeat 200 opponents in Iron Banner. This bounty can be completed faster if you either land final blows or lower your Power Level.

Special weapons are great for this, as they can one-shot most enemies as long as your Power Level isn’t absurdly low. If you want to gain increased progress passively, create and equip the Dreamer class item in your Collections tab. This will considerably reduce your Power Level, ensuring every kill will grant extra progress for this bounty. Festival of the Lost masks also work.

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