Destiny 2 Cheat Maker’s Lawsuit Dismissal Appeal Denied

A Washington judge has denied AimJunkies request to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by Destiny 2 developer Bungie. The cheat-making site, owned by Phoenix Digital Group, was sued earlier this year alongside several other Destiny 2 hack providers.

AimJunkies has been fighting the lawsuit every step of the way. Back in April, AimJunkies actually managed to convince a judge to dismiss the case after Bungie failed to adequately explain how its hacks constituted an illegal copy of Destiny 2’s code. Bungie later refiled, arguing that AimJunkies reverse-engineered the game’s code after a Bungie employee purchased the cheatmaker’s program.

Then earlier this month, AimJunkies argued that Bungie actually benefited from its products, writing Destiny 2 had its "most popular months of player counts and sales … during the time AimJunkies offered their software products." The cheatmaker also suggested it would sue the Bungie employee who purchased its cheats, saying that it was a violation of AimJunkies’ terms of service.

So far, neither of those threats have come to pass, but we do have an update on Bungie’s copyright claim. As per Axios’s Stephen Totilo, the judge in the copyright case denied AimJunkies’ request to dismiss for "lack of personal jurisdiction and improper venue." The judge wrote in their decision that Bungie had adequately shown grounds for a copyright claim in its refiling, and that AimJunkies failed to address its "improper venue" claim in its motion.

The judge also admonished AimJunkies’ lawyer for filing a dismissal that was 13 pages long, one page over the 12-page limit under local rules.

A trial date has been set for June 2023, although it remains to be seen if AimJunkies is willing to drag this case all the way to a trial.

Earlier this month, Bungie’s lawyer stated that suing cheatmakers was both “the right thing to do” and “also good business.” That seems to be true as Bungie was recently awarded $13.5 million in a settlement against Elite Boss Tech, another Destiny 2 cheat provider.

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