Despite Fortnite’s Google Play Ban, Epic Gives Android Users Another Option

Although Fortnite is still banned from the Google Play Store, Epic Games has provided Android users with two alternative methods to update the game and keep playing on their smartphones. The news comes at a crucial time as Chapter 2 Season 4 brings the largest Marvel-themed event in the history of the game, featuring characters like Iron-Man, Thor, Storm, Wolverine, and others.

Epic Games has been sending emails as of a few days ago for anyone who has downloaded Fortnite on Android, detailing two ways to keep the game up to date. The first is through the Epic Games App for Android (visit, and the second is through the Samsung Galaxy Store. Although the Google Play Store is no longer an option to update the game, both alternatives are simple and allow players to experience the new content.

Players should take the time to update their Fortnite game through one of these options as soon as they are able. Epic Games goes on to state that those who remain on Season 3’s v13.40 update will still be able to play, however the Season 3 Battle Pass has ended as of August 27, and no further progression is possible on any platform until the update has been applied.

This also means that none of the new cosmetics can be acquired, and gifts cannot be sent or received by players who do not have the most up to date version of the game.

For now, Android users should get used to updating Fortnite with either of the methods detailed above, since the struggle between Epic and Apple looks like it will be around for the long haul. Even if it is a slight inconvenience, the new season’s events are well worth the effort.

This is the first time that we have seen an entire Battle Pass devoted to Marvel characters, and unlike other seasons where the focus has only been on one or two characters like Deadpool, or when Thanos arrived with the Infinity Gauntlet, players can grab cosmetics for several characters.

Right off the bat, players can unlock a skin for Thor, and later, for She-Hulk, Groot, and more, while reaching level 100 will give players a coveted Iron-Man skin. Now is the best time to jump back into the game, so update that app and start grinding out those Battle Pass levels!

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