Demon’s Souls PS5: 10 Things All Mages Have To Do In Their First Play Through

Part of Demon’s Souls’ magic is the number of ways players can customize their character build to suit their play style. Those who like direct combat can go for a melee-centered character and those who prefer magic can easily make themselves a mage.

It’s recommended that beginners go with magic for a more manageable first playthrough. While this is true in some respects, certain areas of the game are actually harder as a mage too. Fear not, however, since the ten tips below will help make even the hardest parts of Demon’s Souls more realistically achievable. You can beat it if you put your mind to it; everyone at TheGamer believes in you.

10 Pick Royalty Class

For people looking to go almost exclusively with magic, the Royalty class is the best way to start out. The class is gifted a Silver Catalyst, the Soul Arrow spell, and a Fragrant Ring which recovers MP over time. It should be noted that starting class determines nothing but the stats and equipment at the beginning, but picking Royalty is a good way to set you on the path towards using magic.

9 Save Yuria The Witch

Yuria the Witch cannot be found until a little later in the game, but it is imperative to find her to unlock some of the strongest spells. A more detailed explanation can be found here, but it involves at least beating the Tower Knight in the first Archstone and the Dragon God in the second Archstone.

Use the Iron Key found off an Official in the 1-3 level and go back to the area right before the Tower Knight boss fight to unlock a door which leads to another key (along with saving Biorr). Then, that key unlocks a gate in the starting area of 1-3. In this area you have to equip the Official’s disguise in order to access her.

8 Use Both Catalysts And Talisman

Catalysts are used to cast spells, most of which are offensive, while Talismans are used for miracles, which mostly involve healing and status buffs. While it is not necessary to increase faith too much if you are only concerned with spells, it is always good to have a talisman with you at all times. Even with a small amount of faith, healing yourself provides a notable recovery, and protection miracles can really come in handy.

7 The Cling Ring

This one is not important just for mages, but a must for anybody playing through Demon’s Souls for the first time. This ring is found early on in the game but is also easily missable. In 1-1, the first area of the first Archstone, this ring is found right after unlocking the first short cut. Right before going through the second fog door, the one guarded by a Blue Eye Knight, go through the doorway to the right and down the stairs to pull the lever — the item ahead, behind the once-locked gate is the Cling Ring, which decreases the amount of health lost in soul form.

6 Insanity Catalyst

To unlock this final catalyst, players first have to find Blacksmith Ed in the 2-1 level. Progress through the area far enough and you’ll reach a fog gate at the highest point in the mines. Instead of going through the gate, go forward and the path leads outside. Take a right and turn the wheel to activate the moving platforms. Ride these to the bottom to find Ed. Talk to him for a while and then you’ll have the option to give him the Searing Demon’s Soul to enable his weapon upgrading. Then you have to give him the Golden Demon’s Soul dropped by the Old Monk boss in 3-3 to upgrade the Silver Catalyst to the Insanity Catalyst.

5 Soul Thirst

The further you progress in the game, the longer it’s going to take to level up. To make progression go by a little faster, it is wise to learn Soul Thirst from Yuria the Witch.

It increases the amount of souls gained from enemies for 30 seconds. This spell can also be stacked with the Ring of Avarice for even more souls. However, just note that you can either get this spell or the Insanity Catalyst, not both, since each requires the Golden Demon’s Soul.

4 Save Freke

Several prisoners are still living in level 3-1, and you should really do your best to save them all. For mages, Freke the Sage is a must for access to some powerful spells. He is found early in the level, but the key to his cell is right before the boss battle in one of the towers on either side of the gate. Some of his spells are only unlocked by using a boss’s soul, so choose carefully.

3 Firestorm

For those looking to break the game, Firestorm is the way to go. This area of effect spell is wickedly powerful, and can even take care of many players invading your world with brutal efficiency. To learn it, one has to see Yuria the Witch and then trade a Dragon Demon’s Soul. You should already have this item, however, since you have to beat the Dragon God in order to find Yuria in the first place.

2 Fragrant Ring

If you did not already pick the Royalty Class, then you should make it the first order of business to pick up a Fragrant Ring. The quickest way to get it is by trading a Brass Telescope, gifted by Ostrava of Boletaria after rescuing him the first time, to Sparkly the Crow, found in 4-1. With this ring equipped, you steadily recover MP, something which will help save souls as you will be less likely to buy spices early on in the adventure.

1 Find The Once Royal Mistress

Eventually, you’ll be swimming in enough souls to buy consumables like grasses and spices. However, you will still want the lowdown on where to buy these for the cheapest prices. When it comes to spices, the Once Royal Mistress is the way to go. You can buy Aged Spices from her for 1,000 souls. She is found in the Prison of Hope (3-1) on the fourth floor. Once you are close, you can hear her singing.

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