Dead Rising’s Unused Beam Gun Has Been Added Back Into The Game

Dead Rising's unused Beam Gun has been added back into the game, complete with textures for the first time.

The original Dead Rising went through a lot of changes after its initial reveal. Although it's always been set in a shopping mall, the UI, gameplay, useable weapons, character designs, and much more were all tweaked and changed pretty heavily. Because of this, there's a ton of cut content left in the game, including one weapon called the Beam Gun that has always been impossible to equip without the help of modding.

As has been well-documented by YouTuber STiP0, the Beam Gun is one of a few different weapons in Dead Rising that are classed as unobtainable, despite still being in the game's files. Although there are quite a few of these weapons, the Beam Gun is a special case as trying to get it in the base version of the game causes it to crash, with it only being obtainable thanks to STiP0 using a beta version of the game, as can be seen in his initial video on the weapon.

Even though STiP0 figured out how to equip the gun in the beta version of Dead Rising, it was still clearly unfinished and was completely textureless, as well as strangely firing bullets instead of any kind of beam or laser. This version of the gun would flicker strangely depending on the angle that it was viewed from thanks to a shader glitch.

Despite the weapon clearly not taking well to textures, STiP0 shared a Tweet that showed that he's managed to fix the shader glitch on the Beam Gun and get it back to its full textured glory. He shared a few shots of the gun with the caption, "The unused Beam Gun in Dead Rising with it's material/shader bug fixed! Such a cool looking weapon!"

Although it presumably still just shoots bullets instead of actual lasers, we now at least know how the Beam Gun would have looked if it had been finished.

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