Dead Island 2 planned for this year claims report – new trailer expected soon

In lieu of any official news, insider Tom Henderson has said that Dead Island 2’s development is going well, and it could release this year.

It has been nearly eight years since Dead Island 2 was announced and despite behind-the-scenes troubles and shifting developers, it’s said to be approaching a state where it could actually release by the end of the year.

Trusted insider Tom Henderson recently uploaded a video to discuss what he has heard from those close to Dead Island 2’s development, which he says is progressing well.

He adds that a release date is expected to be somewhere in Q4 2022, which covers October to December, but any last-minute issues could push it into 2023. He also claims that a new gameplay trailer may be shared very soon.

Details about Dead Island 2’s plot have always been scarce, with the only official information being that the state of California has been put under quarantine due to a zombie outbreak.

Players will get to explore three open world locations, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Henderson claims that the game begins with you on a plane, which crashes because of zombies – naturally. It crashes into Hollywood and while you do survive, you need to loot nearby mansions to defend yourself against more zombies.

Due to your limited resources, you’re eventually forced to escape into the sewers when a massive horde of zombies comes after you, eventually reaching Hollywood Boulevard.

It would have been fair to assume that Dead Island 2 had become vapourware, doomed to never actually come out, considering its tumultuous development cycle.

Publisher Deep Silver originally had Yager Development helming the project. Only a year after the official announcement, Yager dropped out and wound up being replaced by Sumo Digital in 2016, which in turn was replaced by Dambuster Studios, formerly Free Radical Design, in 2019.

Dead Island 2 is so far still confirmed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, although it could potentially release for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 as well, if a 2020 job ad is anything to go by.

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