Dead Island 2 Developer Supports Breakable Weapons

Whether players like 'em or not, breakable weapons are here to stay. Weapons that degrade and eventually break have crept up in Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, and Silent Hill, among others, with the Switch Zelda title especially polarising in its implementation. The first Dead Island also featured weapons degradation and its developer has said it will be a feature of the sequel too and explained more of the logic behind it.

Speaking to VG247, design director Adam Duckett of Dambuster Studio believes part of the appeal lies in having temporary weapons. "Ranged weapons have ammo, so melee weapons have degradation," Duckett said.

"We're generous with it; we want players to explore the full arsenal of weapons – so we have so many great mods, and so many perks, and so many other things in this game that we want players to cycle through. It also helps that players can keep a wide variety of tools in their arsenal, so they're never going to be without something they can use," he continued.

Players will be able to equip eight weapons in a weapon wheel in Dead Island 2, while another eight can be kept in reserve, so that's a total of 16 with which players can choose to inflict damage to enemies so not a tiny number of options. This variety will be tactical too. VG247 gave the example of fighting a zombie who was once a firefighter, and how using a fiery weapon would obviously have little effect on this zombie since they'd be dressed in fireproof gear.

"I think [weapon durability] helps fit with our tone a little bit, too, because this is a game that just keeps going, this is a game that's over-the-top," art director Adam Olson told VG247. "But we want to be grounded in reality. Having one foot in reality – and having weapons that break – helps us push other parts of the game into that over-the-top mentality."

The developers also explained that players will be able to see the weapons visually degrade quite clearly in stages, without having to rely on the game's HUD which can be turned off. It's a fascinating interview so do head on over to read the rest of the feature.

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