Dead By Daylight Teases A Young Bill Cosmetic In The Next Tome

Behavior Interactive has revealed that Tome VII will feature an original cosmetic for Bill Overbeck, giving us a glimpse at the infamous zombie slayer in his youth while also making a licensed character the subject of the upcoming rewards track for the first time. There is hope yet for Quentin to one day see some love in the form up new cosmetics, but for now it is all about Bill.

So far all we have to go on is a single image, showing Bill in his younger days, with a brown beard in place of the normal grey and an outfit that makes him look like he is ready to be dropped into the middle of a firefight with a tactical vest predominantly in view.

Unfortunately, while a new cosmetic from a licenced character is great news, there is no chance for new voice lines from the original voice actor, Jim Finch. As a veteran of World War II, there was an air of authenticity in the lines he delivered as Bill in Left 4 Dead, but in late December of 2017, Finch passed away at the age of 89. There is always the option of hiring a new voice actor to take over in the role, but it would have been great to hear more from Finch.

However, the fact that Bill is being featured in an upcoming Tome is exciting for another reason altogether. One of the best parts of each new Tome is the lore that is released about different characters. We learn more about both the Survivors and Killers of Dead by Daylight, and it would be great to learn more about Bill Overbeck, both in his youth and his older age, since we know he experienced more action than most in fighting enemies both living and undead.

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Another bit of great news is that this means that popular Dead by Daylight streamers now have even more cosplay options to choose from. Twitch streamer Rupture is a great example of a dedicated Dead by Daylight player, and every Saturday he dresses up as Bill, complete with beard dye, a great-looking outfit, and fake cigarette. Now Rupture will finally have the chance to cosplay as someone his own age!

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