DanAllenGaming Releases Apology Video, Says His Metal Gear Solid And Silent Hill Rumours Were Fake

Following the reveal earlier in the week that a well-known leaker on Twitter named TheRealInsider was actually YouTuber DanAllenGaming spreading false rumours and leaking information that was under NDA, Allen has released an apology video that tries to explain why he did it.

The allegations began when Allen accidentally replied to a tweet meant for TheRealInsider with his normal account, which showed that the two were one and the same. He then deleted both Twitter accounts, before resurfacing to share a quick apology message that claimed he was "ashamed and disappointed" in himself. The apology tweet and account have since been deleted.

Earlier today, Allen shared a video on his YouTube channel titled "I'm sorry", where he admits to having created the account and leaking NDA'd information, alongside sharing "educated guesses" that others took as actual leaks. In the video, Allen repeats how ashamed of himself he is, before saying that he created the account because he was "addicted" to the clout and buzz.

Allen said, "A lot of you are reaching out and saying 'well why the fuck did you do it?'. Well, to be honest, it's clout. It's the buzz, it's being addicted to the thrill of thousands waiting on what you're gonna say. It's pretty much pathetic. It's sad. I've taken for granted my access. I've nearly got 200,000 subscribers, the flexibility of content, all taken for granted for this fucking facade."

Allen continues by claiming that he's not making excuses for his actions and that they are his own, but that they've caused him to lose industry friends, relationships, business opportunities and more for his "five seconds of fame". It's worth noting that Allen's biggest breaches of NDA were for Assassin's Creed, but that Ubisoft has yet to comment publicly.

It's worth noting that Allen specifically points out a few of the rumours that he'd been pushing as "bullshit", including the new Silent Hill games and a remake of Metal Gear Solid. That isn't to say that those aren't happening, but anything TheRealInsider had to say on them can be disregarded.

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