CyberConnect2 CEO Teases A Game Reveal That "Moved Him To Tears" During Development

Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2, voiced his heightened anticipation for an unannounced project in a Twitter post on Saturday. Makers of many beloved anime-based experiences, such as Naruto Ultimate, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and the .hack series, CC2 clearly has something special planned for its fanbase, given Matsuyama-san’s emotionally charged remarks.

In his post on social media, the CEO writes in Japanese on his involvement in the making of this unknown experience, expressing how fluid the development has come and how the game appears, to Matsuyama, already well-finalized. The process, he cites, of “checking the data” has literally brought him “to the point I burst into tears.” It’s clear from this reaction just how special this unknown project is and how important it will be for the future of CyberConnect2 and its massive fanbase.

The post itself spread like wildfire no sooner after being discovered, with CC2 gamers already making many speculations on what exactly this unknown project could be. From the potential of a new .hack RPG to a revival of Asura’s Wrath, the frothing anticipation is quite palpable. Some fans even longingly hope for a next-gen Storm 5 under the Naruto series of games. More than most seem to want another .hack game, but could it be a Bleach experience, perchance?

It’s unclear when exactly this game will debut, though with E3 just around the corner it could very well make an appearance, as CC2 will most likely be in attendance alongside Bandai Namco for the tease of its upcoming Demon Slayer arena brawler. There’s also the third DLC installment for DBZ: Kakarot, which could also be previewed in full at E3, so there is a chance this unknown CC2 experience is shown in the light of day within the next week.

Only time will tell, yet it is obvious just how meaningful this forthcoming project is to Matsuyama and it will no doubt leave fans breathless upon its announcement.

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