Cult Of The Lamb Publisher Responds To "Heretical" Accusations With More Heresy

Sometimes you sit in your boring old office and wonder if there's more to life. Stupider people than you have gone on to become successful and make millions, so why can't you? Maybe you can start a cult – it's not the hardest thing to do either, or at least that's what Cult of the Lamb teaches us. All you need is the favour of an imprisoned primordial being to channel their power through you, and you'll go from sacrificial lamb to powerful cult leader in no time.

Of course, as with anything even remotely religious, people are quick to feel targeted, even though it has nothing to do with them. Expectedly, publisher Devolver Digital received some email, questioning how they could make something so heretical. Clearly, whoever sent this mail has no idea about how Devolver functions, as the reply was in the most Devolver manner possible.

"You are a publisher in Austin Texas," said the email received by Devolver. "How can you in good faith publish a game that is so completely heretical? I don't understand how a Christian in good conscience could back such a thing." It's unclear what they were expecting in terms of a reply, but the publisher simply replied, "Our dark lord The One Who Waits commands it."

Additionally, they also put up a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter for us to have an evil laugh over. They're not all that evil though, since they rightfully removed any personal information – The One Who Waits takes privacy very seriously.

While the game does use satanic imagery, there's no mention of satan, god, or any other names linked to a real life religion – unless there's actually a cult somewhere out there that actually follows a dungeon-crawling lamb as it indoctrinates followers, gives daily sermons, and cooks up dishes with poop in them.

Whether it was a dark lord or just somebody who likes management sims and roguelites, they managed to blend the two genres and the satanic theme perfectly, to create one of 2022's biggest indie hits. It came out of nowhere and has scratched an itch that most people didn't even know they had.

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