Crimson Desert Is Not An MMORPG – Will Have "Little Impact On Black Desert Development"

Crimson Desert is scheduled to launch later this year, however it will have “little impact” on the development of Black Desert Online. The news comes directly from Jeonghee Jin, who revealed its long-running MMO won’t be cut short due to the upcoming project.

For a long time, fans had believed Crimson Desert to be the MMO successor to Black Desert – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. During a recent interview with Jin, we asked if Black Desert development was altered after announcing Crimson Desert.

“Black Desert and Crimson Desert are two separate projects,” Jin said. “The Crimson Desert announcement has had little impact on Black Desert development. Black Desert devs still continue updating content with the same cadence and they’re very much focused on the community’s feedback. Also, as we don’t define Crimson Desert as an MMORPG – which Black Desert is – so we’ve set different benchmarks and goals for the two titles.”

There you have it – Crimson Desert is not an MMORPG, and Black Desert will remain a staple in the Pearl Abyss catalog. In fact, Jin believes both titles will benefit from progress made on the other.

“That being said, we definitely benefit from multiple projects using our proprietary engine. For example, we can experiment with various gameplay challenges and encounters on our game engines, making the development process easier and faster for all Pearl Abyss titles.”

In fact, it seems Black Desert might be the game that ends up altering the development of Crimson Desert. Jin mentioned Crimson Desert will be coming to multiple platforms, and Pearl Abyss’s experience in launching Black Desert across PC and consoles will likely help the team figure out how to have success doing the same with Crimson Desert.

Long story short – Black Desert is going to be around for a very long time.

“I can confidently say in 5 years, we still will be offering a great MMO experience with lots of new content…and celebrating the 10th anniversary with our long-time fans.”

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