Crash Team Rumble Isn’t Wumpa League, According To Sources

Crash Team Rumble was revealed at The Game Awards the night before last, bearing a fair bit of resemblance to the long-rumoured Wumpa League. However, Team Rumble actually isn't a rebranding of Wumpa League at all, according to sources close to the situation.

A QA tester who claims to have worked on Crash 4 has said that Wumpa League was originally an expansion for the mainline Crash game, with Team Rumble bearing very little resemblance to this original game. This has been backed up by Did You Know Gaming's Liam Robertson, who has been a reliable source for Wumpa League information over the past two years.

"I'm sorry y'all, but it's not Wumpa League," says Natalie, a QA dev speaking in the Crash Bandicoot subreddit. "To the best of my knowledge, Wumpa League didn't exist. There was never a working project title called 'Wumpa League' and now that we have a trailer, there's not a releasing game called Wumpa League either."

"Crash Team Rumble is the finished version of a scrapped 'Versus' multiplayer mode for Crash 4. It wasn't originally a separate project," she continues. "Working on Crash 4, all of us knew it existed. But I and several of the other QA testers never got to playtest it because it was cancelled before we joined the project."

According to Natalie, there was no secret party game in development after Crash 4. After the Versus mode was scrapped due to constraints, the QA team was either moved to other Activision projects or laid off, with developers busy with Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. Team Rumble's development would have started after this then, perhaps as a spiritual successor to the "Wumpa League" mode that almost made it into Crash 4.

Liam Robertson has shared this account on Twitter, saying that it "lines up" with the information he's gathered from his own sources. This might indicate that Team Rumble will have some surprises in store for us, and won't just be a rehash of the scrapped Versus/Wumpa League mode for Crash 4 that we've heard so much about over the past couple of years.

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