Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time Source Code Hints At Switch Port

Clues found within Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time’s source code suggest that a Switch port for the game is already well underway.

Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time released on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this month, throwing a wrench in the Crash timeline upon arrival. The game follows on from Crash Bandicoot: Warped, the third game in the series released on PS1. It ignores everything else that has come since, starting a completely different Crash timeline, hence the game’s name.

This is smart for a number of reasons. Most of all, an entirely new generation of gamers was introduced to Crash via the remastered N. Sane trilogy. Since that trilogy ends with Warped, it makes sense to start afresh with a new timeline rather than continue to remaster Crash games that weren’t as well-received as the original trilogy.

It’s About Time is only available on PS4 and Xbox One for the time being. However, an ERSB rating for the game on Xbox Series X surfaced recently, suggesting that it will eventually be getting a next-gen upgrade. Following a deep dive into the game’s code, it also appears that it will also be released on Nintendo Switch, perhaps sooner rather than later.

The deep dive and new information comes courtesy of Canadian Guy Eh, the evidence of which can be seen in his YouTube video above. The first hint that It’s About Time will be getting a Switch port comes in the form of a profile for the console in the game’s code. However, since the Crash game is made using Unreal Engine 4, there are already profiles for all consoles in the engine itself.

It’s the second discovery that makes it seem as if a Switch port is on the horizon. The phrase “copied from Falcon” that appears multiple times in the code. Falcon was the codename used for the remastered version of the Spyro trilogy when it was ported onto Switch by Toys For Bob. The repeated inclusion of the phrase above makes it seem as if base code has been copied over from Spyro and used for a potential Crash 4 port. Portable gamers will also be able to play Crash Bandicoot: On The Run very soon after the release date for the mobile game was revealed by Apple.

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