Coral Island: Best Romanceable Characters, Ranked

Coral Island has sandy shores, a vibrant community, promising farming mechanics, and a bunch of dateable characters to add some romance to your playthrough.

There are currently 25 romanceable characters available, and you can date them regardless of gender. It’s a diverse and well-designed pack of guys and gals, but we’ll be ranking the most swoon-worthy characters that you can feasibly romance in the game right now.

Because Coral Island is still in Early Access, certain features are not fully implemented yet. As of v0.1-49002, marriage is still unavailable. For now, you can only start building up your friendship with the romanceable characters, and get some heart events.

Chaem, Aaliyah, Raj, Mark, and Wakuu have been added to the game as romanceable characters, but still don’t have established descriptions, birthdays, and loved items. That said, interactions with them shed light on their history and personalities.

Further updates will likely unlock all of these features down the line, along with more bachelors and bachelorettes.

10/10 Theo

Theo kicks things off easily, because he’s a guy that simply loves life, likes to write songs, and is happy to spend an afternoon fishing. He is glad to continue his father’s legacy, but truly loves to sing.

The best thing about his personality is that he favors soul and heart over the rigid metrics of what makes an artist good. He is glad to share his music, and the town’s kids love him for it.

9/10 Chaem

The island’s resident lifeguard is a real charmer. While she may occasionally come across dismissive, she quickly warms to you and reciprocates generosity when you give her gifts. Chaem is one of the residents that likes to send lots of goodies your way, so check your mailbox often, and you’ll find various recipes for food that she thinks is “bomb”.

The biggest trait that defines her daily life is her love of volleyball, and she’s always down to play with newcomers and friends alike. Don’t let the toned arms fool you – Chaem is a thoughtful one.

8/10 Noah

Noah is devoted to his family and goes out of his way to make sure his mother is safe, happy, and comfortable. If you haven’t already been snared by his appealing looks, you’ll definitely get pulled in by his demeanor. This is a guy who really cares and refuses to falter in his responsibilities.

He’s a busy guy, so when he’s not taking care of his mother, he’s tending to errands that help the family business. The great thing about romancing him, though, is that he’ll find ways to make time while getting his duties done. Get you a guy that shows up.

7/10 Eva

When you interact with Eva, you can’t help but notice her positivity and bubbliness. You can also see how it rubs off on everyone else.

She makes her own clothes, loves to bake, and takes time to befriend every person. A real testament to her perseverance and positivity is how she continues to work hard at her goals, despite the challenges, so she can save up and eventually see the world.

6/10 Rafael

Rafael is the perfect example of a gentle giant. He’s a big dude and is even known for being the best at forging weapons as a blacksmith. When you talk to him, you can’t help but feel endeared by his awkward disposition and quiet nature.

Choosing to romance Rafael is a sweet journey, as you can see how he eventually wants to share more of his life and interests with you the more he lets his guard down. He’ll even let you in on a big resource that can be mined in Coral Island. When he’s not reading or tending to his shop, he spends time cleaning the tombstones at the graveyard. Consider the heartstrings tugged.

5/10 Suki

Suki stands out among romanceable characters for gaming as a whole. She is a proud single mother raising her daughter, and she works hard to keep the inn running whether the town is busy or largely a dud.

She also proudly displays her stretch marks and is a beacon of confidence. She’s also very particular about being healthy and sustainable. Suki, right off the bat, establishes herself as a rad woman you’d be lucky to pursue.

4/10 Pablo

There are many games that let your romance characters, but somehow it seems like Pablo is the one that romances you. He’s a flirty guy, and it doesn’t take much to make him happy.

What makes his dating route better isn’t the fact that he is flowery and likes to give compliments, though. Pablo is always ready to help Coral Island and his fellow citizens, being noted as one of those people who are always there volunteering his aid whenever he can.

3/10 Millie

Millie wasn’t supposed to be a romanceable character at first, which is wild considering she has some of the best heart events. When you get to know her better, she’ll eventually spend time with you trying to summon a lake goddess that only appears to those whose hearts are filled with love.

It’s a fitting adventure, considering how she loves to write and even dreams of being published on a global scale. While pursuing that dream, she spends her time taking care of her lizard, restoring old books, and managing both the library and the museum.

2/10 Scott

Scott may get your attention right away because he’s friendly and outgoing. The more you interact with him, though, the more apparent it is that this dude is romance material.

He is very passionate about what he does (collecting artifacts), and never feels like a gatekeeper of the wondrous things to be found on the island. When he makes discoveries, it’s not just for himself or a select circle. Despite that, he sacrificed his entire museum collection in order to help the town financially recover from a disastrous oil spill.

1/10 Yuri

Should you try to date your doctor? Probably not. But it’s hard to resist when Yuri is, well, Yuri. She has a lot of stunning qualities wrapped in a package of pastel hair and pretty tattoos.

She spent her time after school providing healthcare to remote spaces, doing it for practically no pay. She’s also really mindful of the people around her and her environment, constantly checking on Charles, making sure every citizen is in good health, and preferring to let flowers bloom instead of getting picked.

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