Claim These Free Anime Episodes On Xbox One And PC

Summer’s a great time for watching anime, and there are some fantastic new anime series that have released recently. But if you’re not already subscribed to anime streaming services like Crunchyroll or Funimation, you might not be able to watch them all right away (or may have to watch ads to do so). Fortunately, you can grab a dozen free episodes from the first seasons of two great anime via the Microsoft Store: Fire Force and Fruits Basket (2019). You can own them right now on PC or Xbox One–no subscription needed. The freebies come as part of Microsoft’s big anime sale happening this month, and you only have a few days to claim them.

For some reason, “Season 1” of a show on the Microsoft Store seems to contain only the first half of the actual first season. For Fruits Basket, you’ll get the first 13 episodes of Season 1 for free–the entire season contains 25 episodes, but it’s worth mentioning you can grab the second half of season 1 for just $5 (normally priced at $25). Meanwhile, you can grab the first 12 episodes of Fire Force Season 1 for free. There are 24 episodes in the first season, and you can also grab the rest of them for 5 bucks. Uncut, sub, and simuldub versions are available for each show.

Claim Fruits Basket season 1 free episodes:

  • Uncut
  • Sub
  • Simuldub

Claim Fire Force season 1 free episodes:

  • Uncut
  • Sub
  • Simuldub

Fire Force takes place in a world where a major disaster triggered the appearance of humans with pyrokinetic abilities. While the first generation of humans couldn’t control their powers, causing them to spontaneously combust and transform into powerful demonic Infernals, later generations are able to control their pyrokinesis and retain human form. The show follows a boy with pyrokinetic powers named Shinra Kusakabe, who joins Special Fire Force Company 8 to fight Infernal attacks. Season 2 just kicked off and is one of our must-watch anime of the summer, so grabbing the first dozen episodes for free is a great way to get caught up.

The Fruits Basket anime that premiered in 2019 is a remake of the Fruits Basket anime from the early 2000s. Unlike the original show, which aired only one season with 26 episodes, the new Fruits Basket anime plans to cover the entire manga series–Season 2 kicked off back in April. The show follows a girl named Tohru Honda who begins living with a family that has a strange curse involving the Chinese zodiac.

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