Chinese Bootleg Company Now Selling Nintendo Switch Knockoff For $35

Ever since the pandemic began this past March, Nintendo Switch consoles have been in high demand. With many businesses implementing work-from-home policies, the release of the highly anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, and much more free time in people’s daily lives, many turned to video games to fill the day.

As a result, Switch consoles began to grow short in supply. And while it looks like the shortage is slowly coming to an end, that hasn’t stopped certain retailers and resellers from hiking up console prices to ridiculous amounts.

However, it looks like one Chinese company is capitalizing on the console popularity with a knockoff Switch console that retails at only $35.

The bootleg model was made public on Twitter, after Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, tweeted out what appears to be a promotional image for the fake Switch. The handheld console features the same half blue/half red design of the dockable Nintendo console, as well as two Joy-Cons, directional arrows, and A/B/X/Y buttons. From the image, the knockoff console can be seen playing Sun Wukong.

Ahmad’s tweet also included a cheeky caption, joking that China had already received the “Switch Pro” version of the popular Nintendo console.

Ahmad also tweeted a reply featuring a short 20-second clip from what appears to be a video advertisement for the fake Switch. A person’s hands can be seen working the buttons on a clearly functioning game screen.

Though viewers probably have a number of questions regarding this sketchy-looking model, one reply asked a very important question in reference to the Nintendo Switch’s infamous “Joy-Con drift.”

According to Ahmad’s tweet, the console is currently retailing at 35 USD.

A legitimate Nintendo Switch console costs $299.99, per Nintendo’s website. A Nintendo Switch Lite, the non-dockable and portable version of the same console, is one hundred dollars less at $199.99. Even the cheapest official model is still significantly more expensive than this knock-off.

While this fake Switch certainly looks and functions similarly to the real console (especially with its portable nature and configuration structure), it likely can’t play any games that are too complicated. After all, from both the photo and video advertisements, only 16-bit games are shown on its screen. It’s dubious this cheap console could support playthrough on newer titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Those who still long for a Switch are probably better off just saving their money.

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