Captions On The Sonic Frontiers Trailer Reveal That Amy Is Now A Ghost

The Sonic Frontiers trailer didn't reveal a ton about the upcoming Sonic game. The biggest revelation was that it would be open world (or "open zone", as Sega explained to us), but other than that, we just got more footage of Sonic going fast, which isn't really new territory for him. But we're still a year away from launch, so more information can be expected soon.

However, we may have actually been shown more than we thought. For some reason, the upload on the Xbox YouTube channel is the only one to include captions. Because of this, we may have an answer as to who the ghostly voice asking for Sonic's help belongs to: Amy Rose.

In the trailer, we hear the voice twice. The first time, it says "Sonic! Over here!", and the second, "Don't! It's too dangerous!". Through audio alone, it is possible that this is Amy – it's hard to make out, but it's a reasonable guess. However, the first line sounds a tad more like Tails than the pink hedgehog, which would make a lot more sense in his role as Sonic's sidekick.

However, the captions are pretty adamant that this is Amy, who I guess is a ghost now. Sucks for her.

This isn't the only Sonic reveal we got this week. Fans watching The Game Awards were also treated with the first trailer for the film Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Idris Elba's take on Knuckles absolutely stole the show, due to his raw power and undeniably sexy voice. Elba may insist that this was not intentional – something that the film's director has now backed him up on – but fans have made up their mind. Knuckles is hot now.

Really, this is the perfect way to round off Sonic's 30th anniversary year. We're all analyzing tiny details in a short teaser trailer, and we're debating the sense of being attracted to one of the characters – it's what the franchise is all about.

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