Call Of The Sea Is Coming To PS4 And PS5 In May

Developers of the adventurous title Call of the Sea have took to their social media to announce that the game will be arriving on the latest Sony consoles in the month of May, with both the PS4 and Ps5 on board.

The game was already available for users on Microsoft devices, since its release last December. It had generally positive feedback from the community, as people and critics alike praised the game for its intuitive puzzles and the seamless integration of these puzzles with the game’s main storyline. Call of the Sea is a first-person adventure game that lets players progress by solving different puzzles laid out in-game. The story is based in the 1930s, and players will control Norah, a woman trying to search for her husband who got separated from her as he set off on a personal hunt.

The announcement was made on Twitter via the game’s official dedicated page, with May given as a time frame in which we can expect the game to arrive on the latest PlayStations.

The gaming community mostly took this as a positive update regarding the game, as the majority of gamers had good things to say about the indie-fashioned title. Users took it to public forums to express their views on the game, and how it would be great to reach a wider demographic on the PS4 and PS5. The visual appeal of the game was a feature that most users felt like stood out, with a unique expression of animation by the small team of developers at Out of the Blue.

CotS is the first game that its team of 12 developers based in Spain published, and they’d surely be pleased with the general feedback of the public regarding their game. Moreover, it received relatively high ratings across the table from all major gaming websites.

What would be interesting to see is whether or not the developers will be able to make use of the PS5 dual-shock controller’s unique capabilities – specifically the adaptive triggers in play. If Out of the Blue do manage to utilize the feature, the game might be an even more immersive experience on the latest Sony console.

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