Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 rumours hint at August reveal for COD 2020

New rumours suggest big changes for the Warzone map, including a moving train, but it may be several weeks before it leads to a new game announcement.

Season Four: Reloaded has only just started for Call Of Duty: Warzone but there’s already rumours of what’s going to happen in Season Five, which seems to include some major changes to the map.

The big question here though, is at what point during these two seasons this year’s new Call Of Duty will be announced. There’s been no sign of a reveal so far, even though it’s expected to come via Warzone, and it could be that it ends up not happening until next season.

Season Five is expected to start in early August, so while that’s much later than usual for a Call Of Duty reveal it does make sense if Season Four continues to build up to it.

Whatever else happens, apparently large scale changes are also coming to the Warzone map, with website VGC claiming that the stadium will be opened up with a new interior and a train filled with loot will be added, that constantly circles around the map.

These changes are apparently references to events and locations in the new Call Of Duty game, much as many of the details and areas in the current version are nods to earlier Call of Duty games.

Call Of Duty 2020 is supposedly a Black Ops game set during the Cold War, but these new details don’t narrow that time frame down any, so it could still be set anytime between the late 1940s and early 1990s.

Many assume, even without these new leaks, that the nuclear bombs found in one of the game’s secret bunkers will be used to trigger a major change to the map and be part of the new game announcement.

There are certainly already plenty of clues pointing towards a Cold War setting and a new Black Ops game, and these are likely to be added to over the coming weeks.

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