Call Of Duty 2020 campaign missions leaked further suggests Cold War setting

The names of the campaign missions for this year’s Call Of Duty have been discovered, reinforcing the rumoured Cold War setting.

We all know that Activision is working on a new Call Of Duty game for this year, but whilst the company has remained tight-lipped about it, we’ve seen numerous leaks pop up – which have revealed plenty.

Dataminers have been feverishly going through what appeared to be the game’s alpha, The Red Door, which was briefly listed on the PlayStation and Xbox stores.

Details seemingly confirmed so far include the Zombies mode making a return and the game being another entry in the Black Ops series, one set during the Cold War.

Over the weekend, one dataminer named Prototype Warehouse uncovered even more details, namely, a list of the game’s campaign missions and multiplayer maps, which was then shared by DougDagNabbit.

While datamined information isn’t always 100% reliable, these details do appear to support the previous leaks.

Firstly, a few of the codenames for the campaign missions contain references to Vietnam, Russia, and the Nicaraguan Revolution, all of which were part of the Cold War.

There are also possible connections to previous Black Ops games, as Black Ops 2 featured a story mission set in Nicaragua and one of the codenames clearly references Mount Yamantau in Russia, which was the setting of a mission in the first Black Ops game.

A list of the game’s multiplayer maps has been shared as well, courtesy of DougDagNabbit’s website ModernWarzone.

One of the maps, named Tank, can be traced back to another leak that actually showed footage of the game’s alpha, which took place on a map with allegedly the same name.

Everything seems to indicate that all this information is accurate, but we won’t know for sure until Activision itself clarifies it. Hopefully, the wait won’t be much longer, as it’s believed that an update to Call Of Duty: Warzone in August could lead up to an announcement.

Call Of Duty 2020 is expected to release later this year.

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