Bully Gets Fan-Made Remake Trailer In Unreal Engine 5

So far, rumors of "something going on" with Bully haven't really panned out. Those rumors first started earlier this year, but new reports have since confirmed Rockstar is focused on shipping GTA 6, much to the detriment of several proposed remasters.

These latest reports never even mentioned Bully, which leads us to conclude a remake or sequel just isn't happening. But to show us what we're missing, YouTubers TeaserPlay have created a Bully remake teaser trailer in Unreal Engine 5.

If you've seen anything in Unreal Engine 5, you already know that this engine is a quantum leap forward for gaming. The lighting, textures, and animations are all beyond what we've seen in previous game generations. TeaserPlay uses Unreal Engine 5 to its fullest in this Bully remake trailer, showcasing what Jimmy Hopkins could look if the game were to ever be remade.

A side-by-side comparison shows just how much of an improvement the trailer is over the original. Jimmy and principal Crabblesnitch both have far greater detailed character models, while Bullworth Academy looks like a totally new school both inside and out. Just about the only criticism one can really offer is that TeaserPlay didn't create more than two models to represent the students at Bullworth, not that the 2006 original bothered to render that many random students to begin with.

For those who weren't around back when Bully first released, think of it like most GTA games, but instead of a big open city to cause mayhem in, it's a smaller town and a private boarding school. Instead of guns or rocket launchers, you're armed with slingshots and baseball bats, and instead of cars and motorcycles you get to ride around on skateboards and bicycles. The core gameplay, though, is largely the same, with Jimmy performing missions to get in good with Bullworth's various social cliques.

A sequel was originally planned, but was shelved in 2009. Rumors of remakes and sequels have thus far failed to pan out. Rockstar is currently all hands on deck with GTA 6, which has reportedly been in development since 2014. It'll feature a female protagonist for the first time in franchise history, too.

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