Budget Cuts for PlayStation VR has now Been Delayed to September

Much like Camouflaj’s Iron Man VR which was beset with delays until today’s launch, Neat Corporation’s Budget Cuts has been pushed further and further back. A new date has been revealed today for the PlayStation VR version, now taking place in September.

Originally confirmed for the headset last year, the studio then announced a May launch back in March. Just ahead of the May release a statement was issued which moved the date to July. Then a few days ago the PlayStation Blog published an article noting the 10th July launch date as well as revealing a new level called Panopticon. The date on that article has now been edited to 25th September.

The main reason the PlayStation VR version seems to be taking longer is that Neat Corporation is adding a bunch of new content to the two year old PC VR title. There’s going to be an Arcade Mode built within a “fully modeled and intractable arcade machine” and a competitive mode.

Most of the new details the studio has released relate to the Panopticon level. This is a whole new area built with specifically for PlayStation VR. “With Panopticon we wanted to put the players journey and the importance of choice at the core of the levels design,” notes Olle Axelsson, Game Designer, Neat Corporation. “We wanted to encourage the player to pave their own path forward, either through brute force and action or through stealth and sneaking their way around in order to reach the centre of the level.”

A very circular level to challenge those navigational skills, Panopticon aims to be a little different from the rest, playing with ‘space and form’ to really challenge players.

In any case, Budget Cuts will still retain that stealth gameplay it is known for, exploring the expansive office network by using whatever vents, ceiling crawl spaces and other areas to remain hidden. Get spotted by a robot guard and you’ll either have to be quick on your feet or take them down with some office stationary.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Budget Cuts for PlayStation VR, reporting back with further updates.

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