Brie Larson Hosts Q&A For Captain Marvel Two-Year Anniversary

To celebrate Captain Marvel’s two-year anniversary, Brie Larson took to YouTube to respond to the fan’s most asked questions, from whether Goose was a real cat to if Larson does her own stunts to the day she was asked to play Carol Danvers in the movie.

“I remember. There was a phone call with my agent and manager, and I was sitting in my house, staring at my ten-dollar bookshelf I had gotten from Goodwill,” Brie opens, “I remember talking through everything and I just couldn’t find a reason to not do it. It just seemed like I was destined to do it

We cannot forget that then I couldn’t tell anybody so it wasn’t like there was some big celebration or I called all my friends or I called my mom.” Brie then went on to talk about mental health and the perceived barriers that it places on people, delving into her own experiences, “If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or just as somebody who is shy and quiet… it doesn’t mean it has to be a limitation in any way. You can still accomplish great things.”

As for Goose, they weren’t entirely real. As Larson puts it, “Yes and no. I think there were like six cats that makeup one Goose cause each cat knows a different trick. I didn’t have a ton of interaction with Goose because I am severely allergic to cats. We also had a fake Goose, like a robotic Goose – that was kinda trippy. It looked really real, and it had like a robotic diaphragm so it could breathe.”

Brie also delved into her knowledge on Infinity War before its premiere, saying, “I didn’t know who was snapped or what the snap was, honestly. They kept that all super under wraps.” As it turns out, she also filmed Endgame prior to Captain Marvel, meaning that her debut really was the Avengers film and not the subsequent prequel, “I prepped for nine months. With Carol, [preparing for the character] was different. It was different because she’s inspirational. She is somebody who is holding a space that I look to as I want to get there.”

Still, when asked about the sequel, Larson said, “The only thing that I can tell you is that I can’t tell you anything.” Hopefully, we find out more soon. After all, it looks like Monica Rambeau is headed to the Secret Invasion Disney+ show and that will seemingly tie into Captain Marvel 2. Perhaps Rambeau and Danvers will air out their beef then.

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