Bob Ross Paintings Will Become Magic Cards In Upcoming Secret Lair Drop

Bob Ross, the famous painter who entertained million on public television throughout the ’80s, lives on today thanks to his show The Joy of Painting, which regularly gets more viewers on Twitch than actual streamers. And now he’s going to be in Magic: The Gathering.

But not Bob Ross the character, although that’d be awesome. No, Wizards wanted Bob Ross’s paintings.

Bob Ross made over 1000 paintings throughout his career, and while most of those are apparently holed up in a warehouse in Virginia (according to the New York Times), the Ross Estate agreed to partner with Wizards of the Coast to turn some of those happy little accidents into real Magic: The Gathering Cards.

Given Ross’s proclivity to painting landscapes, it made sense for Wizards to turn those paintings into basic lands. So the next Secret Lair limited-edition mini set will be just that: a selection of Bob Ross paintings for each of swamps, forests, mountains, islands, and plains.

Called Happy Little Gathering, the upcoming Bob Ross Secret Lair set will feature two paintings for each land type, plus another one chosen for Evolving Wilds. That’s 11 cards total, available in both foil and non-foil varieties. Every card will have a standard Magic: The Gathering back and be perfectly legal for tournament play.

Having seen my fair share of The Joy of Painting, I know for a fact that Ross tended to draw forests and mountains, with maybe a few islands in there for fun. Swamps weren’t really his thing, but according to Magic senior creative art director Tom Jenkot, they managed to find “some obvious choices.”

“But the biggest achievement was finding a Bob Ross painting that worked for ‘Evolving Wilds’,” Jenkot told Vice. “The painting has a forest, mountain, water, plains, plus an unearthly glow on the underside of the wave to hit on the evolving aspect.”

Pre-orders for Happy Little Gathering will open on November 30 and run until December 14. Pricing will be the usual $39.99 for a set of foil cards and $29.99 for regular cardstock.

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