Black Ops Cold War Zombies: 10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Loadout

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a whole new era of the Zombies game mode came with it. This iteration of Zombies has made tons of changes from previous entries, making it better for both veterans and beginners alike.

Among these changes, your loadout is as important as ever. Unlike previous installments, the loadouts change as the game progresses, allowing you to upgrade it to become incredibly overpowered, capable of destroying zombies swiftly. There are multiple things you can do in order to make it harder for zombies to do so much damage to you.

10 Use Stims

Stims are a Tactical “Grenade” that when used, will instantly start your health regeneration and cause it to recover quicker. Not only are these good in Multiplayer, but that strength carries over into Zombies. Going down in Zombies sets you back quite a bit in this installment with the changes to the Points system, so survivability is more important than ever. Stims can get you out of tight spots, and you can still shoot while using one making them even more useful. When mixed with Juggernog, Armor, and Quick Revive, you get tons of survivability to make it near impossible to down.

9 Do Trials

Trials are a returning feature from Black Ops 4, and with Black Ops Cold War, they can give you a big boost to progress in the early rounds. By doing Trials until you get Legendary rewards, you have a chance to get a free Pack-A-Punched gun and even Wonder Weapons like the D.I.E. Shockwave and Raygun.

Not only that, but you can even get free Perks you don’t have, allowing you to save a lot of Essence that can instead be used for Pack-A-Punching. The Trials are all easy and worth your time, as they can make your loadout incredible to make early rounds a breeze.

8 Get The Free D.I.E. Shockwave

Included in Die Maschine are various quests to get rewards and upgrades. One of these will give you a free D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon so you never have to spend Essence on Trials or the Mystery Box to only have a chance at getting it. Only one person in a game can get the free D.I.E. Shockwave, however. All you have to do is kill the Megaton and pick up a keycard, put it in a computer inside the Weapons Lab, and take the item it gives you to the Living Room. Have the D.I.E. behind the door kill zombies until its full, and you have yourself a free D.I.E. without any randomness induced headaches.

7 Wait To Hit The Box

The Mystery Box has been a staple since World At War, however, in Black Ops Cold War the mechanics have changed. Every gun has a random rarity, with each higher rarity doing more damage. The Mystery Box will increase the likelihood of getting a higher rarity gun the later in the game it is. As such, you shouldn’t be wasting Essence on the Mystery Box until you’re deeper in the game. Early game should be spent getting all of your Perks and Pack-A-Punching your guns. The longer you wait, the greater chance you have of getting Wonder Weapon and Killstreaks.

6 Use And Buy Killstreaks

Killstreaks are a new feature to Zombies in Black Ops Cold War, and do incredible amounts of damage. Combat Bows are good for taking out Megatons, the War Machine does a bunch of damage to easily take out multiple zombies, and the Chopper Gunner can save you in a pinch.

They’re all good, but the Chopper Gunner gives you an escape plan if you ever get cornered. If you use a Chopper Gunner, you will become fully invincible during it no matter the situation. It’s not too expensive either, so late-game it’s easy to always have access to them.

5 Prioritize Armor

Armor is new to Black Ops Cold War Zombies, and have instantly become as important as Juggernog is. Armor gives you a lot more survivability, which is the most important part of Zombies. While it’s tempting to use Salvage to upgrade your starting weapon and guns, it’s more important to get Level 3 Armor instead. Pack-A-Punch is enough for your gun to do some damage, and as such, Armor upgrades should be on the top of your list of things to do. Having full Armor makes it so it’s a lot harder to go down, and it’s a low amount of Salvage to repair it should it ever run low.

4 Do The Coffin Dance

There is a small Easter Egg you can do that initiates a cutscene of the zombies dancing and doing the “coffin dance” meme. All you have to do is shoot five different glowing blue balls in the Particle Accelerator room. Afterward, you get teleported to the Dark Aether to watch the cutscene and when you return, there’s a crate that you can open that gives you a ton of loot. You get a random gun of a random rarity (including Wonder Weapons) as well as a free Juggernog. This gives you a boost to your Salvage and saves you Essence thanks to the free stuff it gives you.

3 Buy The Gallo SA12 Wall Buy

The Gallo SA12 is possibly the best gun in the entire game. Not only that, but it’s on the Wall to purchase for 2000 Essence and it’s a blue rarity (the 3rd best in the game). This means you don’t have to spend any regular Salvage upgraded the rarity, and only need 1500 High-Grade Salvage to fully max out its rarity.

The damage output of the Gallo SA12 is incredible and makes for the most damaging bullet weapon in the entire mode. It being a Wall Buy takes out any randomness and gives you a guaranteed powerful gun right off the bat.

2 Use Ring Of Fire

While Aether Shroud gives you a nice escape plan if you ever get cornered, Ring Of Fire makes you devastatingly powerful and capable of flipping through rounds in a matter of minutes. Ring Of Fire when fully upgraded will let you fire without ever having to reload while active, and hurt and slow zombies that enter into the ring. Its damage boost is incredible and can make even bad weapons look powerful. All high round strategies utilize the Ring Of Fire to get through rounds quickly, set up in the corner of the Penthouse next to the Wunderfizz Machine.

1 Start With A Knife

What is perhaps the strangest choice of a Starting Weapon at first glance, the Knife is by far the best weapon to drop-in with. Getting a melee kill gets you the most Essence gain (that and headshots), and the Knife doesn’t drop off for a good while. If you have another weapon, its melee will still utilize the Knife, so you can continue to rack up Essence with it. This is the best way to maximize Essence gain early on and gives you a ton to work with in order to buy your Perks and upgrade your weapons.

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