Black Desert Online Gives Extended Sneak Peek At Sage Awakening

Pearl Abyss has finally given the Black Desert community a look at the Awakened Sage in action. Wielding a lightning imbued Kibelius, this version of Sage looks a bit like Zeus – throwing electricity around the battlefield and casting massive AOE attacks that bring down dozens of enemies at once.

Sage Awakening will become available in Black Desert Online on April 21.

“Wielding the lightning imbued Kibelius, Sage descends on his foes like a bolt of lightning and strikes them down,” Pearl Abyss announced. “He can hurl his spear to pierce through targets or transform himself into lightning itself to rush down enemies in a flash.”

“The raw, concentrated power of his lightning can even break open rifts to unleash more powerful attacks. And when Sage casts his skills, the Arkanon — possessing the combined power of the Kibelius and Kyve — will be summoned forth to assist him.”

You can check out the Awakened Sage in action below:

Awakening Sage will grant you a variety of new abilities, many of which involve his new Kibelius weapon and elemental damage. Here’s a quick rundown of a few unlockable Sage Awakening skills:

  • Lightning Prison: Opens a massive rift and calls down countless spears of lightning to wreak devastation.
  • Impaling Flash: Imbues his spear with lightning and throws it.
  • Enemies pierced by the spear will be marked, and Sage will attack marked enemies in a rush of lightning.
  • Divine Executioner: Throws his spear into the air and leaps up to fling it down with all his might. The spear will electrify its surroundings once it lands.
  • Spear Bolt: Hurls his spear at foes with his entire might. Sage can pass through any enemies hit by his spear to retrieve it.

For now, that’s about everything we know about Sage Awakening in Black Desert. Like most Awakened characters, Sage looks to play completely different if you opt for Awakening – gaining a powerful new set of skills along with the deadly Kibelius weapon.

Expect to hear more in the coming days, as Sage Awakening is scheduled to arrive on April 21.

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