Black Clover Artist Creates Genshin Impact Fan Animation

Genshin Impact’s art style continues to inspire creativity, even from veteran anime artists. Riooo, an animator with credits in Black Clover, seems to be so fond of Mihoyo’s action RPG that they created their own anime opening featuring Genshin Impact characters.

Riooo has an incredible portfolio of animation, including several episodes of Black Clover, which they’ve highlighted in a few behind-the-scenes shots on Twitter. Their work also spans plenty of fan creations, as Riooo also creates their own work for original pieces.

Their Genshin Impact fan animation features plenty of beloved characters like Venti, Traveler, Jean, and Paimon. The shots feature an earlier battle from Genshin Impact’s story and an encounter with a Ruin Guard, so you should be able to safely watch spoiler-free. The music comes from Shishamo with their track Girls in the Courtyard.

Riooo’s fan project made its way to the Genshin Impact subreddit, where the only consistent complaint was from fans wishing it was even longer. The animation serves that part of Genshin Impact’s community wishing Mihoyo showed the animated scenes a little more love, more in tune with the way the studio continues to animate Honkai Impact’s cinematic moments.

And with the steady stream of fan creations also comes updates from Mihoyo. The China-based studio continues to usher in plenty of updates for its action RPG, and just recently released its newest five-star hero, Eula. She’s a cryo-using sword wielder, and her banner is currently up for the next few weeks with four-star characters Xinyan, Xingqiu, and Beidou. And if you’re a big fan of her, Mihoyo also launched a new live wallpaper featuring Eula at the Mondstadt Tavern. 

In-game content drops aren’t Mihoyo’s only focus at the moment, either, as the company begins to take complaints around account security seriously with new steps to implement 2FA for Genshin Impact players. This update comes nearly five months after we saw dozens of reports of account theft, as reported by TheGamer’s very own Cian Maher.

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