BioWare Is Allowing Players To Customize Their Own Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Box Art

Not a fan of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s box art? No worries – BioWare today launched a free program that lets you create your own artwork for both Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

The new web experience is surprisingly easy to use. Just pick a few of your favorite characters from the series, select your morality, pick a background location, and generate your new cover art. You’ll then be able to share the image on social media or download and print it out as a replacement for the default box art.

All the iconic Mass Effect characters are present in the creator, along with several popular locations. These include the Citadel, Collector Base, Eden Prime, and Omega. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you’ll still be able to piece together an impressive work of art – I was able to generate the below image with just about a minute of work.

There’s also an option to auto-generate images at the press of a button if you’re not prepared to pick your favorite characters.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a sweeping remaster of the original trilogy, optimized for 4K Ultra HD and introducing new mechanics to the first game in the series. The first game handles much differently from the other two, and the team wanted to make sure the experience wasn’t jarring when swapping between all three games included in the Legendary Edition.

To this end, you’ll notice a reworked combat system in Mass Effect that falls more in line with Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. The team launched an extensive overview of the changes, so there won’t be many surprises when it arrives on May 14.

BioWare releases several other pieces of free content for Mass Effect fans today, including the full 88-song soundtrack, digital art books, and digital comics.

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