BioWare Collaborated With Mass Effect Modders On Legendary Edition

Key members of the Mass Effect modding community have confirmed that BioWare worked with them before the launch of the Legendary Edition.

Audemus released a statement regarding BioWare and modders talking before the launch of the Legendary Edition on the Mass Effect modding discord. The statement confirms that BioWare was in contact with modders before the game’s launch, which is why the community has been able to get its modding tools back up so quickly.

Before the game’s launch, BioWare said that it was in talks with modders to help support the game and modding tools, but the members of the community who were contacted were unable to talk about it due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement. When asked about it, they were unable to talk about it, which led to the belief that BioWare was being dishonest and wasn’t serious about modding.

Audemus said, “Today I can reveal to you all that four people in our community were in fact in talks with BioWare in the months leading up to launch, but couldn’t speak about it in ANY way due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.” The process involved the members sending BioWare questions and detailing how their modding processes work. This led to them being able to collaborate and make small changes to the game before it launched.

In the statement, Audemus says that it was these talks that led to the community being able to get the modding tools in use as quickly as they have, and thanked EA and BioWare for letting them work together. Audemus ends the statement by saying that the members who were contacted won’t talk about the process anymore, but wanted to confirm that BioWare was in contact before launch.

Some of the modding work that has been done for Mass Effect Legendary Edition since its launch has been able to restore gay romances that were cut from the game, as well as bringing cut missions about the Hanar Wars back into the game.

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